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 Sleep and feeding

Parenting Videos Online - Episode 5

Episode 5: Sleep and feeding

Episode 5 features, perhaps the biggest and most often talked about topics as a mum, sleep and feeding. Chef Janelle Bloom also joins us in the kitchen with some healthy, quick and easy meals for our tired mums! And Brett reviews some great books from the Huggies BookClub

Episode 5 Baby care

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Episode 5 Baby care

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Our guests include:

  • Sydney Weekender presenter, Lea Wilson;
  • Christine Kelman, mum of Matilda;
  • Leonie Scott, mother of 2;
  • Chef, Janelle Bloom and
  • Mothercraft nurse, Jennifer Hamilton.

Q&A session:

  • Jennifer Hamilton, a Mothercraft nurse and Karitane enrolled nurse for 20 years and a mum, provides tips and ideas for helping your babies to have a good sleep routine. Club members had the opportunity to ask someone with both personal and professional experience their questions.

Watch segments from Episode 5 of Mums & Bubs and access great articles about the topics discussed below.

Sleep (or lack of it)

Getting our babies to sleep is a topic many new sleep-deprived mothers struggle with. All the mums on the couch whole heartedly agree that a lack of sleep can feel soul destroying and can affect your ability to cope with the demands of being a parent.

Jennifer Hamilton deals with the issue of sleep (or lack of it) everyday in her role as a mothercraft nurse. She suggests that the reality is all mothers suffer from sleep deprivation when they first have their babies and learning about how you deal with the situation is important. All children are different and will wake for different reasons, the problems arise when sleep deprivation is causing other problems and the family is not functioning properly. She advises that this is the time that you need to seek some help to improve the situation, such as a Mothercraft nurse, Tresillian or Karitane.

Leonie Scott, mother of two from Lithgow, discusses that accessing support services in remote or rural areas can be more difficult, however the ability to use online services has made a real difference.

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Feeding your children

Our guests share their breastfeeding stories and experiences – mastitis, cracked nipples, getting the attachment right, positioning your baby – they candidly discuss them all. Lea Wilson has breastfed all 3 of her children, however they each presented her with different issues, especially her third child who was born with a tooth which of course had implications for breastfeeding.

Christine Kelman shared her experience of a very painful bout of mastitis which took her by surprise. She was completely unprepared for how unwell she became so very quickly. After a course of antibiotics she recovered but if left untreated mastitis can be very serious. Not every woman will get mastitis but all the mums agree that the early days of breastfeeding can be painful. Jennifer Hamilton, mothercraft nurse, suggests that even with the correct attachment and positioning, breastfeeding can be still be painful for up to 6 weeks.

Jennifer also offers advice to Leonie who is trying to wean her baby on to a bottle for medical reasons. She recommends consistency when weaning. Baby’s learn by familiarity whether it be sleep or feeding.

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Cooking with Janelle Bloom

Janelle Bloom cooks easy meals that can be made and frozen. Also, Janelle refers to a few things to make with the Bolognese sauce – she says you can make spaghetti Bolognese one night and with the frozen left-over sauce you can make Shephard’s Pie, Tacos, meat pies. Check out some of our great recipes in the Huggies Cookbook.

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Huggies BookClub recommendations

Brett from the Huggies BookClub drops in with some great reading suggestions on the topics of sleep and toddler nutrition. If you would like to buy any of the books featured on the show just visit the Huggies BookClub at any time. All books are discounted for Huggies Club Members.

Visit the Huggies BookClub now to buy or review these books:

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