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Episode 1 Being a mum

The ladies discuss what it means to be a mum – what changed from the first moment you found out you were pregnant, what no one told you and the best and most challenging aspects of motherhood. They also delve into the topic of body image post-baby and the common, yet unspoken, issue of incontinence affecting 1 in 3 women.

Episode 2 Children discipline

There is a lot to consider when you tackle a topic that so many of us struggle with when it comes to our kids -discipline! What do we think of the naughty corner? Some parents swear by it while others won’t use it. Tune in to hear some different points of view. Speech pathologist, Gillian Fong, also drops in to discuss communication and what’s normal when it comes to speech.

Episode 3 Being a dad

This epsiode you can hear Lochie Daddo talk about how parenting has changed him and how he and his wife Karina Brown balance out their lives. Better Homes and Gardens presenter Rob Palmer and his wife join us too, so we get to hear both sides of the story. Our dad’s also speak honestly about what they feel they’re missing. Rachel asks the lads, who really does what around the house and how have their relationships changes with their partners after becoming parents. Take the opportunity to find out what Dads really think.

Episode 4 Changing relationships

Today it’s everyone’s favourite topic – relationships! The mums on the couch discuss how relationships change after the arrival of a baby – especially when you already have children. We discuss sibling rivalry and jealousy and look at ways of introducing a new baby to the family. All this, and Dr Katrina Warren joins the girls to tell us about introducing a baby to your pets and choosing the right pets for your family.

Episode 5 Baby care

Episode 5 features, perhaps the biggest and most often talked about topics as a mum, sleep and feeding. Chef Janelle Bloom also joins us in the kitchen with some healthy, quick and easy meals for our tired mums! And Brett reviews some great books from the Huggies BookClub

Episode 6 Food and nutrition

What’s the best way to encourage your little ones to eat right? And what if you had four little mouths to feed, like mum of 2 year old quads Fiona Worsley? The ladies on the couch discuss tips to help your child eat healthy foods and stay away from junk. Disguising healthy foods, avoiding food allergies and tips on feeding fussy eaters are all discussed. Jenny Coen also talks about the link between nutrition and behaviour in children.

Chef Janelle Bloom inspires us with healthy snack ideas and Danielle from the Red Cross advises on what to do in a home emergency.

Episode 7 Socialising baby

It’s so important for our children to have friends their own age as they develop their social skills. Does it all start at Mother’s Group? But what about competitive parents? Today our mums talk about these issues as well as separation anxiety, shy kids and bullying and what we can do. And we end with a great segment on kids birthday parties.

Episode 8 Health

All mums seem to love to share their own stories of the labour and birth of their child. Our mums on the couch are no different and today they compare their birth stories. This opens up the discussion of the pros and cons of a caesarean delivery versus a natural birth. Then onto the health of our children – it’s every mother’s nightmare when our children are sick. We discuss when to be concerned.

Episode 9 Relationships

Today we talk about the juicy stuff – how our relationship (and sex) with our partner has changed after the baby. Author of the Post-baby conversation Alison Osborne gives us suggestions on how to keep the romance, sex and fun alive. And then chef Janelle Bloom cooks up some romantic dinner suggestions to help get you in the mood!

Episode 10 Entertaining kids

It’s all about entertaining kids today! Fun and cheap ideas to keep kids busy without breaking the bank. Things to do indoors on a rainy day and inexpensive outings both you and the kids will enjoy. Plus swimming with babies – an episode no parent should miss.

Episode 11 Postnatal depression

The baby blues, peri and post natal depression. This episode we delve into a topic that until quite recently was a secret women often suffered in silence. Survivors join us to share their touching stories. We discuss recognising the signs and how to find help.

Episode 12 Toddlers

Motherhood can be trying at times and today’s topics are set to test the patience of most – tantrums and toilet training. Listen to the mums share their tantrum stories, and Dr Cathrine answers the questions – why do toddlers tantrum? How can we handle them? Then onto toilet training. When do you know your child is ready? How do you start toilet training?

Episode 13 Child care

Not everyone can afford to give up work entirely and stay at home with their children. Some of us need, or choose, to go to work. So when is the right time to return to the workforce? And how do you choose the right care for your baby or toddler? What should you look for in a child care centre? And why does the topic of child care seem to raise the ever-present issue of ‘motherguilt’.

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