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Parenting Resources

Parenting will be one of most rewarding times of you life but it might also be one of the toughest. Here we have provided links to websites for more even information to help you on your journey.

Raising and educating a child can be expensive. Thankfully the Australian and New Zealand Governments provide both financial and non-financial resources to assist families to raise a child. Browse our information on Australian Government Assistance for families, and find links to Government websites on our Government Departments page.

All parents face difficulties from time to time and our Parenting Advice section has lots of great tips. See also our Support Services and Health Assistance pages, they put you in touch with a number of organisations that can offer you advice and support when it’s most needed.

Does your child love the spotlight? Then take a look at our Talent Agencies page. We are often asked about baby talent agencies so we have put together a list of the biggest baby and child agencies.

Need to get away? Our Travel section gives you the low down on travelling with kids on everything from a Grand European Tour to planning a weekend camping trip – and everything in between. See our Travel resources page for great vendors who know how to organise a great family trip.

General resources includes all those great parenting websites that haven’t been covered in the other pages.

Like to take and alternative approach? Then take a look at our Natural therapies page for websites that contain info on natural products and services for your family.

Every family is different and will have differing needs for information. Therefore, Huggies is unable to make any endorsement or recommendations on the information contained in these websites, or on any product or service.

The websites listed below cover a broad range of general parenting resources, from kids’ clothing and pain relief, through to nutrition and childcare. These are but a very small selection of general parenting resources available on the Internet and on the Huggies website. To find other parenting resources, please check out the menu on the left. Some are quite specific while others are general in nature.


Career Mums

A national jobs boards and candidate board connecting parents to flexible part time jobs across the country.

Tommee Tippee

Check out the entire range of these tried and tested products that are loved by babies, recommended by mums.

Blackmores Vitamins

This site is loaded with health and nutritional advice, as well as info on Blackmore’s product range. Become a Blackmores member by applying online at this site. General parenting resources include links to the company’s sites for children’s health and pregnancy health.

Children’s Panadol

Find general parenting resources on this site as well as information about Children’s Panadol. There’s also a handy dosage calculator.

Heinz baby foods

Check out the Heinz range of baby foods, including lists of ingredients. There are also basic general parenting resources in the form of short articles on a range of subjects such as milestones, gift buying, and so on.

Poise – information on light bladder leakage

This is an excellent resource for women needing information and support with partial loss of bladder control following a vaginal birth.

Wyeth Nutrition

Check out the makers of baby and toddler formula – find out what goes into the formulas and why. General parenting resources at this site include personalised checklists and toddler games.


This site has general parenting resources such as tools for finding kid-related stuff in your part of Australia – from parks and swimming spots through to music and dance classes. Plus there are cool online games, simple cooking and craft ideas for you to teach to children.


Australian Pregnancy and Baby club, Karimums, focuses on staying healthy right through from pregnancy to parenting


Australia’s most comprehensive directory for finding and comparing childcare facilities.

Nutrition Australia

A not-for-profit parenting resource offering heaps of expert information on health and wellbeing for the whole family.

New Zealand

Kiwi Families

This site is a guide to raising children in New Zealand and has loads of general parenting resources as well as specific information on subjects of interest to kiwi parents.

Inter-country adoption New Zealand

This charity finds families for children in overseas orphanages.

mum2mum baby products

Designed and made in New Zealand, this range of baby items aims to help make life easier for mums and dads – especially if bub drools, has reflux, is a messy eater, or has trouble going to sleep.

Huggies is unable to endorse or accept any responsibility for the accuracy of information contained in any of the websites listed.