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Quizzes for Kids

  • Jungle animal facts and colour-in sheets

    Have fun with these animal facts while your child colours in the Jungle stencils.

    Age: toddler, child Duration: any

    Skills: Hand/eye coordination, Mind Builder

  • Find a Fridge

    This great kid’s quiz uses everyday objects and helps make learning their names and places around the house fun. It will also keep your little one occupied. It’s about having fun with your kids but its great if it keeps them entertained for hours, so you can get some me time!

    Age: any Duration: any

    Skills: vocabulary expander, mind builder

  • The Banker

    Kids love to sort and identify things, especially money. This quiz gets your child familiar with the Australian currency and its coins and notes.

    Age: toddler, child Duration: any

    Skills: very basic math, mind builder

  • Whats that animal

    Kids love animals, they love drawing them, watching them on TV and going to see them in parks and zoo’s. You can use this fascination to keep your little one occupied and all you need is an old copy of the national geographic (or some other publication like it).

    Age: toddler, child Duration: any

    Skills: vocabulary expander, mind builder, general knowledge

  • Sorting Shapes

    This sorting quiz will keep your little ones’ hands and minds busy, while helping develop their eye-hand coordination and shape recognition skills. One child can do the sorting and filling by themselves, but it’s more fun if they have someone to sort with, either in a race or just for company.

    Age: toddler Duration: any

    Skills: shape recognition, eye-hand co-ordination

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