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Thanks! Great info, would love your GP name! I have sent you a follow request so I can msg you

Hi all. I am looking at Armadale Memorial for delivery of my second child, due Sept. I am going for a VBaC delivery, so am particularly interested in any vbac related births, OBs fpr delivery (public or private) and if anyone has been to Galliers (private wing) of the hospital. Thanks so much!

Hi everyone! We are expecting our second child Sept 24th, our LO is 2 in Aug Congrats to everyone on their BFPs! Looking forward to joining the Facebook group! I will send a request through to admins tonight

Hi all! I have been away from the forum since having my first child, who was born via emergency csection. I would like to try my hardest for a VBAC for number two, has anyone in WA been through/successfully done it? My questions are: Did you do anything in particular to prep for the VBAC? Which hospital did you attend? Tips/advice? TIA!

I am having so much trouble deciding what convertible car seat to get. The price difference between most seems to be quite big, there are the $250 models and the $450 models, and I cant work out which one is better for us! I would love to save money, just saw a Safe and Sound Guardian at Target for $249 ($100 off), or a MothersChoice Mystique for $299 ($100 off). Are they any good? They dont seem to be sold anywhere else! Thanks in advance!

I am wondering if anyone has had one of these? They are on sale at the moment, and seem to have all the features we are after, and for a good price. Only problem is that I cant find any reviews on them! I would really appreciate any feedback!

I am looking for recommendations for the best high chair! I have heard a lot about so many, that I am so confused!! Thanks ladies

hi girls! I have been a ghost on Huggies since the Facebook group started! Oops! So, how is everyone travelling? We are at 9wks 4days today! Going quickly thank goodness! STill worried about the lack of morning sickness, and my bbs have stopped aching. I have been having a fair bit of (not sure how to explain it) 'pulling' near my pelvis. Hoping that is stretching! 3 weeks today to our 12wk scan, cant wait! Been having a cruddy lower back ache lately, kind of like a pinched nerve sensation. Going to a Chiropractor tomorrow, so hopefully can get some insight! I was naughty and put a layby on today... Not planning on picking it up for a while, hopefully everything is going well inside! I do need suggestions for down the track on high chairs and bouncers please! Take care!

Thanks for that! Congrats on the weight gain! How do you handle eating out? This is a pretty bad time of year and some friends have told me I avoid anything with ham, chicken and salad incase it's not washed properly. Kind of really limits the field!

I am looking for some advice, as my IBS had come back with a vengeance! Bloating/gas/constipation... Yippee! I know some of that is normal for pregnancy, but I was diagnosed with IBS a few years ago and am struggling with it at the moment! Any advice would be wonderful! Currently I am taking Fybogel and watching my diet, but not winning as yet! Thanks!