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mini-mel76 replied to topic Flat stomach tips after caesar

the nurses will go through some exercises to help contract your uterus and your abdominal wall after a c-ser (any birth really) basically its like a stomach clench, you hold it for a period of time...

Friday 08 June 10:41pm

mini-mel76 replied to topic Elective C Section at Public Hospital in WA

i cant see any reason why they would disallow you a c-ser. you can discuss it with the dr's you see when you go to your nominated hospital, they will go through a birthing plan with you. if you let...

Friday 08 June 10:37pm

mini-mel76 replied to topic Trisomy 13 Dealing with the lose

i can totally understand your pain. i have a genetic condition which is a 50% chance of being passed on, very high odds. i unfortunately cannot afford a treatment called pgd, because along with ivf...

Friday 08 June 10:25pm
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