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I don't know how safe it is during pregnancy, your pharmacist could advise, but there is a product called 'rescue remedy' that you can spray in your mouth and it calms you, my aunt swore by it to get through my cousins wedding day, she was a blubbering mess till she had some of this, well heaps of it by the end of the day! maybe get some tomorrow and see if it helps??

yep, it worked, feeling realy envious now!! I hope all goes well for the beautiful ant, and I can't wait to hear the news that she has finally arrived, a Pink after all that blue!! Unless the u/s is wrong and it's going to be a blue one, lol. Poor Nat, would hate to think how that would feel!!

Oh Yum, will be trying that one out, thanks steph!

Posted by: *LockysMum* I will most probably see her in hosi so I will let everyone know if someone hasnt already You have no idea how envious I am right now Cindy, I would LOVE to meet Nat!!! I have never met anyone from hugs, but would jump at the chance to meet Nat!! She is amazing!

probably best to not put your name up in a public forum unless you want all sorts of people looking you up on fb. Just a thought...

Bump for Dee to answer me...

I used to have a hair tie that I moved from wrist to wrist when I was feeding DS. Always worked for us.

Dee - where do you get the butchers paper from?? DS and I have started to do Art time together, results in him covered in paint and me pretty well covered too, lol We use ALL our computer paper, oh well, I just grad more from our office when I am in town, but I'd love to get hold of some butchers paper, that would be great fun to paint on, but have no idea where to get it from!

Yay, thanks ladies, now my facebook account does not look so bare! I have 30 lovely hugs mums as my facebook friends anyone else want me as a friend, or want tobe my friend??? pm me your details so I can add you, or pinch me off your existing friends lists if I am on there. cheers chelle x

PMSL Tys will be on tonight no doubt??