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its an idea, kids love fire trucks, or any truck for that matter. i was thinking a few games like throw a little bean bag, who gets closest gets a bigger prize. iall the kids would get a prize for trying. my son is not in to dress ups just playing cars really.i was thinking turning boxes in to cars and they can play with big box cars (like playschol where there in the box. but it might be a bit hard as were thinking of going to a park for a bbq sausages rissols ect. not that i have a lot of kids going but a bit of fun i think. my son has decided on a train cake so it will have to be a trucks and trains party. depending on my sons mood to what he wants his party to be lol

my son is 3 in april and his words are starting to sound more like what they should now, it has just started happening over the last few days. he was using the G as a C so cat would be gat his T would some times be D but it is starting to form more now. i guess as theyu are still learning to pronounce words and are learning new words still there little brain mixes them up a bit, but wait till 3 or a bit more befor you go to a speach therapist, and ask your partner to stop talking babyish. after all its usuly the mum that talks all gaga and not the dad. lol good luck watch over the next few months. and there should be an improvement. if nothing is good by about 3.5 years tthen i would sujest a speach therapist as at about 4 they go to kinda, and it would be best to have it checked out by then. but also when she says fankyou just repeat it as thankyou and then th th thankyou so she can understand its th not f. if you get me cass

hi my son is turning 3 in a few months and i want to know some ideas for his birthday. there will not be a lot of kids as he does not have many friends (or relatives) but i want to do a truck train type party. and sujestions??

my son it 2 and 2 months. we let him wander around the house half naked he has socks on and a warm top, when he is naked he will go on the pottty for pee and on the toilet for poos. it took a while for me to get my son to wear undies but most of the time if he has undies on he will just wet his pants, even when i ask "do you need to go to the toilet" he can have a day nap with no nappy and not wet the mattress. my son likes being naked even in winter, so we just let it go, im in no rush for him to be toilet trained. all i want is him to be done befor kinda. and thats a while away. dont know if i have helped but

may b its the elastic.

hello my 2yr old son has been banging his head on the floor or wall every time he does not get something he wants, it rips at me every time he does it, i am worried about what it could do to his brain. can any one help me figure out how to make him stop. i dont know if he does it now as he knows its bad to do it, as i have told him dont(yeh he is to knows some things and not others) its like i tell him no and he looks at me and then just drops his head forward or will slowley go back and the momentum takes him bang head on to the floor if you get me please help it is so hard to watch and not know what to do. cass

apart from the nail and spider my son has eaten gosh so much a 5c piece a few days be for we were going on a holiday (airplane) i was worried he would go beep thru the metal detecrors. but he just had bad diareah, but then he had bad diareah a lot he was eating lots of cherry tomatos, he also ate about 12-20 of my contrceptive pill (while i was at work) poisons said he should be alright but may get vomiting (so you know in future) my partner wasny keeping a good eye on him he puts lots in his mouth but there the worst i know about, most he dosnt swallow. makes me feel like a terribl mum, lucky my son still loves me.

my son is 2 and has been for months now when he is anoyed throwing his head on the floor face 1st or head backwards and banging it on the floor or wall or door what ever is closest. it grates on my nurves and makes me feel bad, i tell him dont but he keeps doing it. im gunna do anothe post and hope some one can tell me how to get him to stop the head throwing.. he has also started screaming again, he doene it for a few weeks hen he was about 1 then it stoped now its back, he has no one to copy with screaming except once a week we go to playgroup, but it has just started again so i hope i can stop him soon with that one. no help i know but i wanted to vent about my son headbanging cass

went to kmart and target last night, the only elmo i found was a cup with a plate and bowl (3 set), which i got but i might try big W. the cup has only worked for 1 drinks worth as soon as we got home i washed the cup and gave him milk, but this morning all he wants is a bottle, lets hope he will have milk this afternoon in the cup. cassandra (fingers crossed)

its just at the forrestdale kinda 9am fridays. its just off armadale rd at a round about just after nicholson rd. $1 and a piece of fruit. i dont think its a regestered playgroup, but its relaxed and the kids enjoy themself