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How much did you weigh before getting pregnant, and what have you gained so far? Lock Rss

I love reading the replies to these questions because they make me feel so normal! But, what did you all weigh when you conceived? I had terrible morning sickness, but didn't seem to lose hardly any weight, and I haven't been over eating. I am 12 weeks so far and in the beginning I lost 5 kilos, but with the help of gastro as well.... but haven't put on or regained any weight yet! (hooray, i think).

Tahank you for your replies, it's good to know people do actually eat when pregnant!!!
Hey there! I weighed 82kg when I conceived, im only about 5 weeks now, however didnt lose all of my baby weight from pregnancy with DS who is 10 months now, still had 10 to lose but thats okay. Im being really careful about how much i gain this time round but i do gain lots in pregnancy dut to water retention just like my mum did with me. I was shocked every time i got weighed as i had been really good but it just came off so quick when i was breastfeeding, so hoping it will too after this bub is born.


i weighed 44kg pre pregnancy, im also only 5ft 2, been that weight ever since i can remember, not sure how much i weigh at the moment but i had put on 7.8kgs at 21 weeks LOL wayyyyy too much chocolate for me tongue i dont really mind that much, as long as baby comes out healthy grin

hi girls
well iv got a son of 9months and i put 13kilos on with his pregnancy and im also 20weeks preg again and i want to do a little bit of exercise or something to not put on that much but there no motivation there hehehe im not eating as much with this pregnancy as i did with my son!! but stil early days i suppose hehehe!!!

I'm almost 16 weeks and have gained 1.5-2kg so far this pregnancy. I had bad nausea but no vomiting so didn't lose any weight at the start. I have a 11mth old and was still carrying 6kg of the 14kg i gained with her when i fell pregnant. So started at 65kg (am 5ft4) and aim to gain b/w 10-14kg ths time.
Hi everyone
Looking at my antenatal card. I was 54kg before I was pregnant. I am 5ft 2. At 7 weeks I was 53.2kg too sick to eat, had lots of nausea.
At 13 weeks I was 53.8kg At 19.5 weeks I was 56.5kg At 24.5 weeks I was 57.6kg I am now 28 weeks and weigh 60kgs. I will admit I watch what I eat and I lightly excersise everyday.
Take care all Karen

With my first pregnancy my pre pregnancy weight was 44kg(i'm only a small person) and when i was 36 weeks i weighed 58kg. I am pregnant with #2 and my pre pregnancy weight was 46kg and i'm 7 weeks pregnant and i weigh almost 48kg.

hi all

pre-pregnancy i weighed 59kg

i am now 33 weeks and weigh 66kg

total of 7kg gain so far. i have eaten pretty much whatever i want and just been lucky!

and for the person who put on 13 kg with their first pregnancy, that is a really good amount! according to my books, that is the average weight gain (for someone who is not grossly over or under weight to begin with) and 13 kg is pretty much perfect so dont stress if you gain that sort of amount second time around because thats not bad!

hi halfbaked
im the one who put on the 13kilo. thank you for that i was abit worried as before i fell wit my son i was bout 90kilo(a litle porka but comfortable) and wen i had my booking appt a few weeks ago at the hospital the midwife has put me in a high risk drs clinic through this pregnancy as i put on to much weight and have refered me to a dietician!! i came home and cried, as i said to my partner wen i fell preg my son was only 5months old so my body stil had his baby fat... so thats why i felt really guilty for putting that much on in first preg..

hi nicole its me (halfbaked) but i have changed my name smile

dont feel down about your weight!

and dont get caught up on the number on the scales - whats more important is how you FEEL

i dont even keep a pair of scales in my household - i get weighed at my antenatal appointments once a month (they have just gone down to fortnightly) and other than that, i try to base my "Weight gain" and how well i feel and how healthy i feel.

if it makes you feel any better, here are the statistics from What to Expect when your Expecting, a good pregnancy book:


Baby = 3.3kg(7 1/2 pounds)
Placenta = 750 g
Amniotic Fluid = 1kg
Uterine Enlargement = 1kg
Maternal Breast Tissue = 1kg
Maternal Blood Volume = 1.8kg
Fluids in maternal tissue = 1.8kg
Maternal Fat stores = 3kg

= Total average of 13.5 kg
To add to Emma's post:
I found this website

It is basically a calulator that works out roughly how much weight you can expect to put on in each week of pregnancy. I mean you wouldn't use this information as 100% accurate but it does give a rough idea of expected weight gain.

I started out at 60kg and at 24 weeks weigh 66.9kg. I think a lot of my gain has to do with the fact that I stopped going to the gym as much and have allowed myself to eat a little more.
[Edited on 16/10/2007]

Matilda Jane, Feb 08 and Charlotte Rose, Dec 09

Hi, Sam here....i asked everyones starting weight.....didn't even have the good manners to put my own!!!
1st pregnacy started at 73 kgs, went up to 92 kilos. Lost it all, 2nd pregnancy...well miscarried and comfort ate!
this pregnancy start weight 83 kilos, currently 12.5 weeks and now weigh charming midwife informed me that I'm on the cusp of obesity and not to eat during this pregnancy and to drink plenty of water as it really will fill me up!!!!!!!!!!! Hand me the crunchies someone!!
I don't think I will take her literally though! (am still trying to decide how serious she was...ok, so I do weigh more than I ought to, but I do have a cracking son who is still breastfed (pre breakfast) to show for my efforts.......

Good luck all. For anyone who is worried, I say anything in moderation is mini crunchies everyday for pudding!!!!!
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