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your name etc Lock Rss

This may be already somewhere on here, but I just went to reply to someones forum and didn't know there name hahaha i just remembered it, anyway just thort to introduce ourselves if everyone wanted...

Im Anna, Hubby Corie, I'm 19, studying early childhood 2nd year, and I LOVE BABIES, ttc dec 2010- Feels like faraway!!!! I'm a baby name addict have been since I was like 12
Hi Anna
I'm Mell, fiance Kris. I have two littlies. My son is 2.5, daughter is 15mths and my second son is due 19th dec. I'm 28

Kinda figured u were a baby name addict, i was until i started having kids and realised it's a lot harder when u actually have a person to name smile U will most likely struggle when u become pregnant smile

I lived on this site when pregnant with my first and after he was born but i don't get on so much these days...

ds3yrs dd2yrs ds9mths

I'm Sophie (duh!) and I've just turned 27. My husband's name is Daniel and we have three beautiful children: Matilda, Oliver & Iris. Matilda will be 4 in January, and the twins are 4 months old.

-Mother to Matilda [2005], Oliver & Iris [2008]

I was going to start a thread like this - but thort people may be weirded out smile Anna and I have already "met" smile


I am , I am 31yo (arrr! it'll be our secret...), Hubby is nd we have been married 5 years on the 14th November (WOW!).

We have a 2year3mth old named , and (obviously) are expecting another son - hopefully BEFORE his due date of Xmas Day sad - who will be named

I also love all things names and have been addicted to this site (mainly the baby names section, but I have been known to stray) since I found out I was pregnant with number 2...
[Edited on 08/02/2009]
Yay people are replying,
I too did worry people may be weirded it out!
Xmas Day :)or a week and two days late miss all the holiday days i shouldnt say that may jinx you!
Arrrggghhh! don't jinx me! I'll be trying everything "legal" from the 7th December to get him out early! This baby is coming before Xmas Day whether he likes it or not ... (I'm sure he'll have something different to say tho!)
Hi ladies! I'm Katie, I'm 21 and I have a 9 and a half month old called Madisyn. I just found out I'm pregnant with number 2 after trying for 4 months, I'm 7 weeks today so very excited!

I kinda figured you love baby names Anna! I always see you around and you always have so many to suggest lol. I love names too, always had a heap picked out when I was younger (only one I kept when I met my DF though is Madisyn!) but it really does become harder to find them when you know it's going to be a little persons name!

congrulations Katie smile that's a good gap imo my bro and sis closest to me have that gap
Hey thanks! Yeah me and my sister's (I'm in the middle) have less than 2yrs between us and it's always been good so we wanted Maddi to have a sibling close in age too.

So if we have a boy he'll be Daemon Cooper and if we have a girl she'll be Zahli Rosina-Nikita (but you guys already know that lol). Although we still haven't decided spelling on Zahli, probably be Zahli or Zahlee.

wow that's cool Katie, ur kids will be very close. My son and daughter are 15.5mths apart and my daughter and next son will be 17mths apart. We planned to have the first two close together but not the third so it's a bit scary... It is hard work but so rewarding also and hey i reckon it's hard having more than one regardless of the age gap. Also when theyre close together at least the elder one still has a day sleep for u to get rest. Zahli is a very pretty name, think i prefer that spelling. smile

ds3yrs dd2yrs ds9mths

my hubby and his brother 11years gap and he was only child when he was little think big gaps can be good and bad smile
Im 19, Kate 17(born same day), Matt 16, Connor 11, Erin 9.
U will have 3 under 3 Mell?
I want 4 kids but hubby wants 2 hehe maybe we have 3
My first DS was a bit of a nightmare baby - very colicy, and fed avery 2 hours for like 3 months! So needless to say it took DH and I a little longer to have number 2 than we originally planned. When this bub is born there will be a gap of 2yrs5mths between them.

Anna - my DH says "2 or 4" - I say "2" smile, it's a very tough job!
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