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Any breastfeeding tips? Lock Rss

Have skin to skin straight after he is born and latch him on within the first hour. With both my kids they had the first hour with me and had a feed all before even being weighed and measured by the MW.

Feeding DD1 went really well and I was pretty confident going into feeding DD2. But I had a really fast let down and DD2 hated it, would pull off, get windy and refuse to feed again. I knew from feeding DD1 that it would take weeks for my milk to settle down and that as she got bigger feeding would get a lot easier. So I persisted and so glad I did. Took 9 weeks to be "good" but It was totally worth the tears.

Be prepared for it to hurt for at least the first few days and maybe even a few weeks. It took awhile for me nipples to get used to the initial vacuum seal that my babies had when first attaching.
Best tip I was given before my first bub was born was "the actual act of breast feeding shouldn't hurt, if it hurts, chances are, baby isn't latched on properly... This isn't to say it won't be uncomfortable at first or to say your nipples and breasts won't be tender (and sometimes painful from cracks etc...) but the actual feeding shouldn't hurt."
It really got me to think about how I fed and helped so much getting the latching right.
Always remember there are different positions to feed in, some prefer cradle hold, some the football hold, some find it better lying down... Some like to sit in a feeding chair, some in bed, some on the couch. Some ladies use a pillow to help prop baby up, some don't! Sometimes you'll surprise yourself and find you can vacuum the house and feed a the same time!!! Lol. The point is, try different things til you find things that work for you, the advice you get will be fab but take it all with a grain of salt....
Have patience, a nice drink and maybe a snack when doing it...and take your time (even if bub is screaming his or her head off.... Big breathes and relax! Lol)... And have your Lansinoh on hand!

I 110% agree with the skin to skin suggestion as soon as possible after birth too! (With dad as well if possible! Especially if you're unable to straight away.)
All the very best!
just remember that the first few weeks will be the hardest, but if you persist and get good advice on latching ect, you will find its much easier after then.

Just remember it takes a LONG time to get good at it. DD is 10 weeks on wed and I still have days where latching is difficult. Generally though it takes about 8 weeks to get the hang of properly.
Dd was really hurting my nipples when I first started and being a small bub one of the midwives suggested the football hold. For the first few weeks this was the only position that worked. Now I use cross cradle.
Get heaps of help from the lactation consultants at the hospital.
Also my milk was slow to come in and I didn't have much colostrum so bub lost too much weight and screamed A LOT in the hospital. Eventually a midwife had me pumping every 2hours to get my supply in. A few sessions of pumping and boom heaps of milk! Wish I had started this two days earlier. Something to ask about if you feel bubs isn't getting enough to eat. I ended up having to give a few formula supplements but if I had pumped earlier to stimulate I could have avoided that.

I found the most useful tips in the books written by Susan Urban. Check the one of those 'How to make breastfeeding pleasant and easy'.
yeah, it is casual to all women. I have seen that most women don’t feed their baby. just because they can’t bear that pain. At starting it hurt you. after passing some time you will use it. at starting your nipples become hard unless and until there is no milk. When your body produces enough hormone that will initiate milk in your veins. Sometimes we feel pain due to the heaviness of breast. After delivery, you will get soon.
if you can latch early (the golden hour), it seems to work better. Drinking lots of water can be very helpful for milk production also
My 2 cents to bf tips. Stay calm. Those first days can be a bit stressful. Try to keep calm when first getting baby to latch and beginning a nursing routine. Otherwise baby senses your anxiety and can get upset, too.


I know this might not be the most popular opinion out there, but I agree with bottle feeding in some cases. At times, it's an option worth taking into consideration. It was easier to use my pump (got it here, recommend to anyone looking, I got the Bellababy and would buy it again if needed - I mostly used it during the teething period when it would hurt like crazy if my daughter started going like the cookie monster on my nipples. huh
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