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A week’s worth of stress, by Sammisnail_2

A week before my labour started I was admitted to hospital for high blood pressure and stress to my baby. I was monitored carefully and given tablets to bring down my blood pressure and a few other tablets every 3-4 hours, 24/7. I was told I’d be induced and my water would be broken early the next morning; however my water broke naturally at about 1-2 am. I had been given an injection of pain meds as I could not handle the pain of being induced, then after that wore off I was taken to the birthing room for an epidural as my blood pressure was too high and my little baby was very stressed. If my blood pressure was not brought down and my baby was not “de-stressed” then I would have had an emergency caesarean. But lucky for me, the epidural worked and my blood pressure dropped. I calmed down and so did my baby.

I was then able to give birth to my baby boy with help of some forceps as I was completely exhausted and could not push by myself.

Next time I hope I can have a natural birth from the start to finish, all of that pain exhaustion needles etc was worth it. I love my son more than anything in the world!