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Unique Baby Names names

Unique Baby Names Baby Names
If you consider yourself a little risque and don't want to follow the crowd, check out our Huggies unique baby names list.

Some of the names we found pretty cool were Aria, Cadence and Drake. Remember, these are just to spark you to think, so be creative and maybe come up with your own!

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Names from Unique Baby Names

Gender Name List Origin
girl Anemone Greek
girl Arcadia Greek
girl Aria Latin
boy Bay Vietnamese
girl Bettina Italian
boy Birch English
unisex Blaze American
girl Calliope Greek
girl Cameo Latin
girl Camisha African
girl Carnelian Latin
boy Drake Latin, Old English
girl Echo Greek
boy Field English
boy Gage French
girl Haralambia Greek, Cypriot