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Your baby’s sleep – It’s Time To Sleep

This program is a step by step guide to helping your baby or child sleep through the night – every night. It offers a guide to controlled comforting techniques that are the most tried and proven way to get infants with poor sleeping habits to sleep through the night. The program has been developed by Rhonda Abrahams and Maree Viotto.

Maree & Nathan Viotto

I always got up to Nathan at least once a night but when he turned 8 months old things got really bad. I was getting up to him anywhere from 2 to 6 times a night and as soon as I picked him up and rocked him he would be back to sleep within minutes.

This went on for months, it got to the point where I was sleeping with him on the sofa bed just to get 3 or 4 hours sleep.

I contacted Rhonda Abrahams in a baby sleep centre at one of Melbourne’s major public hospitals. Rhonda was able to get Nathan sleeping every night in just one hour, I was so inspired by Rhonda’s sleep program I wanted to tell mothers all over the world. Rhonda has since gone on to open her own private practice Sandman Baby Sleep Centre.

Rhonda Abrahams – Sandman Baby Sleep Centre

Rhonda is a mothercraft nurse, registered nurse, mother of 3 & grandmother of 2. With 20 years of experience Rhonda also won a small business award for creating a baby sleep and settling centre in one of Melbourne’s large public hospitals.

Rhonda settles hundreds of babies each year and enjoys a success rate of over 90% using the techniques described in the Your Baby’s Sleep section of this site.

Introduction to Sleeping and Settling

Sleep deprivation can have a devastating effect on all members of the family. When we consider that 1 in 3 children will experience real sleep issues before they reach school age, we can understand how many families are affected by this issue.

The parenting road is indeed a long journey. Just as our new bundle of joy weaves its magic through our hearts, the effects of sleep deprivation can weave its way through our body and mind. At times we have to ask ourselves if the best job in the world isn’t also the toughest job we’ve ever undertaken.

With different directions and advice coming from every which way, some of which is helpful and some not so helpful, it’s little wonder that we get lost along the way from time to time.

The following guidelines and advice are based on “common sense” and are practiced by award winning baby sleep expert Rhonda Abrahams.

With over 20 years experience, Rhonda settles hundred of babies each year, and the techniques she uses are recommended by child health nurses all over Australia.

Teaching your baby to sleep independently is the key to a good nights sleep. “Even young babies need to learn to go to sleep by themselves.” says Rhonda.