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Avatar Wood_...
heavy wetter.. help!

Hi, my one year old is not able to sleep through the night as his sleep is almost always interrupted by him wetting through his nappies. I have tried pretty much everything on the market and found that Huggies is the most absorbant.. but I still have to double wrap him in a cloth nappy. He is a big boy weighing in at 13kg but I have found the larger nappies (16kg+) to be the most effective.. I only usually use cloth nappies during the day and disposable at night.. is there a huggies product designed for heavy wetters??

Jane ...
Answer: The toddler range you're using is the best, but you could try adding to the absorbency by using an adult incontinence pad stuck to the inside of his nappy. This can make a real difference to heavy wetters. Some kids just take longer to secrete normal levels of anti-diuretic hormone during the night and it is this which influences the amount of urine they produce during the night. There's nothing parents can do which influences this either, it's just about the individual child's age and stage and their maturity. Do some research into what's available in the shops re the adult pads. I've also heard of parents using women's sanitary pads for heavy flow, adhered to the inside of the nappy just to cope with the heavy urine output overnight. Best Jane
Answered: 30 Jun 2013