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Avatar Krist...
Single mum with broken elbow needs help asap

my daughter is 2 1/2 and has been toilet trainned for well over 8 months with only a couple of accidents. Now she will do poos in her knickers every time! I have a broken elbow that is not in a cast due to where it is broken that i did 2 weeks ago. I dont have any help. i cant be cleaning her up all the time. i have re injured it twice now. i need advice urgently as im not coping to well

Jane ...
Answer: You need to contact your GP to see what local community supports are open to you. Is there a neighbourhood centre, a church, local mother's group or similar which has volunteers who would be able to help you? Another option is to check with your local community health centre and see if you qualify for a parent aide of someone who could help you. Otherwise family or friends may also be able to do up a roster arrangement of helping you with meals and practical household help. She may have gone a bit backward with her toilet training because of your stress and this is completely normal and nothing to be concerned about. Your job is to make sure she can access the toilet as she needs to and is taken to the toilet after meals and when she's showing signs of needing to go. Make sure she's not constipated and offer her plenty of water, fruit and vegetables in her diet. If her poos become hard then it's likely she'll experience discomfort and this may make the situation worse. Best Wishes, Jane
Answered: 23 Jun 2013