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Avatar Sam_O...
how do i ditch the dummy?

my son is nearly two and still needs the dummy while sleeping. my son was born with club feet and has to wear boots and bar at night while he sleeps until he turns 4 he finds it hard to sleep because as you can imagine they are very uncomfotable. He wakes up frequently and wont go back to sleep even if i put him in our bed. the only thing that helps him settle and go back to sleep is his dummy.In the advice you said not to ditch the dummy if your baby is facing change or challenges. Help what do i do? My son talks fine he talks more than some two year olds so the dummy has'nt affected him talkig.

Jane ...
Answer: If for now, you feel the dummy is giving him comfort and it's only when he's sleeping and settling that he needs it, his speech is not affected and he's still getting comfort from it, I would stay let him have it. If you want to try and replace it with a soft toy or "transitional love object" of some sort then you could try taking his dummy off him and making a big fuss of him now being a big boy and he has a teddy (or some other wanted toy). But really, given your own and his circumstances I would say that there's more benefit in him having the dummy currently and he needs it. Cheers Jane
Answered: 23 Jun 2013