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Night waking

Our 22month old daughter has recently moved into a bed from the cot. She goes down well for her day time sleep (which is max 1.5hrs) and for her night time sleep. However she wakes sometimes up to 4 times a night, screaming and very difficult to console and get back to bed. She just wants to get into our bed. We let her into our bed in the morning when its wake up time, how do we differentiate these??

Jane ...
Answer: You can't really whilst she is going through this stage. At 22 months of age, she's too little to know the difference between middle of the night and first thing in the morning, there's too much blurring between the two. When she's older and if you're happy to let her in your bed for a morning cuddle, and most parents are of course, then it's fine. But if you're trying to implement some settling strategies where she is independently going back to sleep when she wakes overnight, I'd suggest you don't allow her to come into your bed at all, until her night time sleep has improved. Harsh I know but it's only likely to be temporary. Keep going with your settling management of encouraging her to resettle in her own bed. Check the Huggies site for comprehensive information on toddler settling. The key to success is being confident, staying calm and being consistent. Currently even if it's only in the morning she gets to come into your bed, in her own little mind this "win" is worth all her protests. A consistent and firm (but gentle) message that she needs to stay and then go to sleep in her bed will make a big difference. Best Jane
Answered: 26 May 2013