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Avatar Jac2012
Acidic smelling poo and nappy rash

Hi, my 15 month old has been doing really strong, acidic smelling poo for the past few weeks. As a result, she's getting reoccurring nappy rash. Just wondering what the possible causes of this could be? She's been on solids since 5 months and cows milk for the past 2 months. Thanks for our help.

Jane ...
Answer: She could have a viral infection, be teething or her diet too high in fibre such as fruit/juices/salad type vegetables or other? If the rash has a pimply appearance with little white spots then it could be due to thrush and if so, requires a specific anti-fungal cream to clear it. Sometimes the child has a bacterial skin infection which again, requires a specific cream or ointment but this time with an antibiotic. If however, the rash is just due to the acidic and scalding nature of the poos, you'll need to use a thick type of barrier cream such as one which contains zinc oxide. Warm it first between your fingers before rubbing it on. Be very careful about the frequency of nappy changes and use warm water in place of wipes to clean her skin. Give her some nappy free time each day as well. Check with your GP or child health nurse and/or pharmacist as well to see what types of creams they would recommend. Rashes are impossible to diagnose just by description and they need to be looked at by a health professional in order to gain the correct diagnosis and treatment. Best Jane
Answered: 26 May 2013