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Could you please explain "small perigestational bleed"?

Today I was advised I am 6wks & 4days, however I have a small perigestational bleed. I had spotted brownish discharge at the beginning but that stopped over a week again with the craps. I thought things were going well, until today when being told about the small perigestational bleed. Could you please explain this in a simple terms?
The heart rate is 128bpm.
My right ovary contains a corpus luteal Cyst & the left is normal.
Conclusion was: Viable intrauterine pregnancy of the age.

Can you please help me make sense of this & what I should or should not be doing??
Thankyou : )

Answer: Hi, This means that you have had a bleed around the time of gestation. This does not say why it happened. Try not to worry too much. You have had the bleed and it has settled which is good. It is not unusual not to have a cause for the bleed. Just continue to go along as normal and have a check up if you start to bleed again. Best wishes, Alex
Answered: 08 Jun 2009