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Is Zantac safe to take in pregnancy?

Is Zantac safe to take in pregnancy. I am nearly 33 weeks pregnant (1st pregnancy) and have been suffering from painful heartburn in the past 12 hours. I went to the chemist and they gave me zantac and told me it was safe, but when i opened the box i saw it said not to take during pregnancy. I rang my local gp and the receptionist looked up something and said that i shouldn`t really take it. The pain wasn`t easing so i rang the maternity ward at my local hospital and they told me that it was fine to take. I`m confused and uncomfortable? What should I do?

Answer: Hi Molly, This is very common in pregnancy. There are many drugs that haven’t really been tested during pregnancy but are thought that they may be safe. It is advisable to try liquid antacids that can work quite effectively, rather than the stronger medication. Best wishes, Alex
Answered: 22 May 2008