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Not sure if you can shed some hopefull light on this

Hi Alex
I recently found out that I was pregnant after two initial negative tests. We were planning, just went off the pill and if it happened it was a good thing. Being 35, I didn`t want to put pressure on falling pregnant as I`ve heard it gets harder 35+

My details are:
LMP: believe it was 06Apr08
Cycle: not sure last few periods were 31, 30, 33 (last day period 05Apr08)
Sex: 21Apr08 & 25Apr08
Ovulation: not sure
1st home test: 6May08 (prior to having an xray on my foot - used a lead mat first lot of xrays, 2nd time they forgot to put one on - didn`t say anything as the test was negative)
2nd test @ drs: 07May08
Postitive test: 11May08 (home test) and confirmed at hospital with urine test
Slight brown discharge (not enough to fill a pad) with cramping(like periods): 21May08 (none since - its 23May08 Drs appt & 1st ultrasound (transabdominal & endovaginal): single gestational sac, around 6w, no fetal pole or yolk sac seen, no fetal heart motion. cervix is not dilated, uterus tilts back, small amount of physiological free fluid in the pouch of douglas, evidence of perigestational haematoma seen around the gestational sac, max diameter of 7mm

I had a blood test today, again on Monday meeting my dr on Tuesday. I`m hopefull that it`s only early and my next u/s which has been recommended in 1-2wks will bring with it good news.
Not sure if you can shed some hopefull light on, I have checked some forums and some people have experienced similar and the u/s later showing a growing baby.

Answered: 01 Jun 2008