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Lozzie83 started new topic What are your thoughts?

Just interested to find out what your thoughts are on the following names. We have a son named James and would like a name to go well with this. Eve Pippa Luella Penelope Thanks!

Wednesday 17 July 07:29pm

Lozzie83 started new topic Names help for baby 2

Hi! We are trying to think of a name for a boy and I really like the idea of alliteration, I also like traditional/classic names but ones that are not too common. So any ideas starting with '...

Saturday 01 June 12:46pm

Lozzie83 replied to topic Possible gestational Diabetes

Like the other mums said, i too freaked out as i did not have a history or any other risk factors. I was referred by my ob to an excellent Diabetes Doctor and Dietician who gave me so much support ...

Friday 08 June 08:11pm

Lozzie83 started new topic Noisy Sleeper

Hi Ladies, I have a 3 week old baby boy who is (I think) a pretty good sleeper, going down around 8.00pm and waking once at 3.30am and up for the day at 7.00-7.30am. The problem i have is that for...

Monday 26 March 06:24am

Lozzie83 started new topic A Little Boy!

Baby James was born 2.3.12, 7pound 9ounces and soooooo handsome! My husband was incredible during the birth and has been so supportive and caring of him since we have been home even though he is w...

Thursday 22 March 03:03am

Lozzie83 replied to topic BREAST FEEDING LETS US ALL HELP!!!!!!! ONE ANOTHER!!!!

Hiya! I have a two week old baby boy and have started mixed feeding because he never seems to be full once breast fed. Every feed i am putting him on the boob but he fusses and gets frustrated, so ...

Saturday 17 March 08:29pm

Lozzie83 replied to topic Anyone from Maitland and surrounding areas?

Hi, I live in the Maitland area. I am due to have my baby this week, i am not sure what info you're after but i am happy to talk. Lozzie

Monday 27 February 09:46pm

Lozzie83 started new topic Starting to get nervous!

Hi Ladies, I am due in two and a half weeks and hubby and i are still undecided on a girls name, our problem is we cannot agree. This is making me very nervous that i am going to have an un-named ...

Wednesday 15 February 06:02am

Lozzie83 replied to topic GD different information

Hi, I also have GD and i am 35 weeks along in my pregnancy and diagnosed at 28 weeks. I have been able to control mine by diet so far. I have been given the same numbers as you under 5.5 before bre...

Monday 30 January 02:42am

Lozzie83 started new topic Sore hips when sleeping

Hi ladies, I am 35 weeks pregnant and in the last few days my hips have been achey when i wake from sleep. I am not sleeping on my back as recommended and have been switching between my sides, but...

Friday 27 January 06:29am

Lozzie83 started new topic Help with Girls middle name

Hi Ladies, I think hubby and i have finally decided on a name if baby is a girl but we are now stuck on a middle name. Thoughts please.... Pippa Rose Pippa Valentine Thanks!!

Monday 09 January 01:32am

Lozzie83 replied to topic How much weight had you gained by 26 weeks?

I am 27 weeks this coming Saturday and so far i have gained 5kg. I haven't changed that way i eat since finding out and have actually surprised myself that this is all i have put on. Good luck with...

Thursday 01 December 07:29pm

Lozzie83 replied to topic Girls Name

I think it is a beautiful name... I think deciding on a name this has been the hardest part of being pregnant!! Good Luck

Tuesday 22 November 04:53am

Lozzie83 started new topic Girls Names

Hi, my husband and i are not finding out the sex of the baby but we have our boys name sorted. If you can let me know what you think of the names below i would be greatful! Celeste Estelle Pippa R...

Saturday 19 November 11:40pm

Lozzie83 replied to topic boys name

LOVE IT!!! I wanted this as my boys name but my cousin recently named her baby boy lewis. Loz

Saturday 19 November 11:33pm

Lozzie83 started new topic Swollen Ankles

for the last week i have been getting swollen ankles and i am only 23 weeks along in my pregnancy. I am a little worried that it has only just started to get warm and i still have a while to go. Do...

Tuesday 08 November 07:09am

Lozzie83 started new topic Did this happen to you?

I didn't get any pregancy symptoms at all, no morning sickness, no tiredness... nothing. I was concerned but the Dr reassured me that everyones pregnancy is different and will experience it differe...

Thursday 27 October 02:21am

Lozzie83 replied to topic Girls Names

Thanks for your comments, see my first thoughts on pippa was home and away as well but i thought the kids she will grow up with won't know of pippa on home and away. I like it but just not convienc...

Sunday 04 September 09:13pm

Lozzie83 started new topic Girls Names

Hi All, So hubby and I have a boys named picked, just wondered what everyone's thoughts are on our girls names Pippa (DH loooooves this and doesn't want to budge) Tia (a name we both like) Estell...

Thursday 01 September 06:09am

Lozzie83 replied to topic Kate/Katie...

Like the others i say if you both love it, go for it! I also like Clara. Good Luck deciding x

Thursday 01 September 05:54am
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