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maddym replied to topic January 2012

Our little man Madden was born on the 10th of jan at 9.53am weighing a suprising 9pounds 7 ounces! - i love being his mum ( first time mum too) and cant wait to have another hahaha

Wednesday 01 February 01:31am

maddym replied to topic Brazilians!!

Brazillians arent nearly as bad as child birth! I even managed one while 41 weeks pregnant! (and trust me it hurts WAY less then when you ARENT pregnant and overdue).its so worth it - your DH or DP...

Wednesday 01 February 01:08am

maddym replied to topic Positive Dads

We met when I was only 16 and have been married 17 years, together for a few years longer than that. I am very blessed this makes me so excited as ii think i have found my life partner in my boy...

Wednesday 01 February 12:59am

maddym replied to topic Positive Dads

This is our first, when i told him i was going to breast feed he got upset and said he wanted to feed the baby too, so we organized a breast pumps and bottles and he is all excited, he painted the...

Wednesday 01 February 12:42am

maddym replied to topic Ball Dresses

Hi Ladies, I have my partners Doig medal (Best & fairest) night coming up on the 8th of October! I will be about 23 weeks pregnant! I dont know what to do for my dress!! I really wanted to get o...

Monday 05 September 01:13pm

maddym replied to topic When did you start to show??

this bub is my first and i started showing about 12 weeks. im 18 weeks at the moment and i love my bump! hehe all so exciting

Friday 05 August 04:47am

maddym replied to topic 9weeks and lower back pain

i'm in the same boat. i have had back pain since week 9 as well and am now almost at week 13. It's so uncomfortable to try and stretch in the morning, I feel like my muscles as all wound up. When I...

Thursday 23 June 01:25am

maddym replied to topic Too early to tell... too bloated to be normal...

I am so glad to find this forum! I thought it was just me or just my imagination that my tummy was already starting to show! It really is so nice to have other people who popped out super early, I ...

Thursday 23 June 01:19am

maddym replied to topic Ask Our Midwife Your Pregnancy Questions

Hey, Im almost 13 weeks pregnant and I get a random stabbing, short pains all around different areas of my stomach and uterus. i understand it is normal to get pains either side of your uterus but...

Thursday 23 June 01:06am

maddym replied to topic Feelings about baby's gender?

I am kind of hoping for a boy, they seem a lot easier in some respects. To be honest I'm just excited either way, if it's a girl i get to relive all the magic of fairies, mermaids, princesses and g...

Wednesday 25 May 07:56pm

maddym replied to topic need help/ advise

I really hope everything works out for her. Being a young mum can be difficult. I myself am pregnant at 17 and I just hope she and baby do ok. My thoughts go out to her, x

Thursday 19 May 02:45am

maddym replied to topic best partner ever

Me too! First time father and he's been so supportive and helpful, he's really looking after me I love him so much and couldn't do this without him. He has held my hand at the blood tests, kept me...

Thursday 19 May 02:42am

maddym replied to topic First Time mum due new years eve

Hi We are due on the same day! I am 7w4d along and am so excited! this is my first and I have a feeling I'm having a girl, do you feel like you know what you might be having? I hope your MS ge...

Thursday 19 May 02:27am

maddym replied to topic DUE JANUARY 2012 :)

Hey all, I'm due on the 31st of December 2011 and it's SO nice to be talking to women who are roughly as far along as I am. I swear all I see is people who are almost due! I'm so excited as this ...

Thursday 19 May 02:22am

maddym replied to topic All day sickness

Ondansetron is a great help. The other thing that I found out during my second pregnancy was that a high alkaline / low protein diet was a great help (as i had been vomiting about 5 times a day)....

Tuesday 03 May 05:23pm

maddym replied to topic All day sickness

It's horrible. I had sickness all day everyday. Bed ridden and unable to eat I got worried as I am only roughly 5 weeks along and I was worried about my baby getting the nutrients. My body was so t...

Tuesday 03 May 05:21pm
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