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NicoleFH replied to topic vent

Yeah, I went up in the back size - I felt really uncomfortable having a tight strap. But the others are right - you'll probably be able to use your special ones later, because your breasts will ke...

Friday 29 July 02:58am

NicoleFH replied to topic prem baby clothes?

Baby Bunting have some in 6x0, maybe even smaller - very expensive though. Don't buy too much, he'll probably go up a size every couple of weeks. When baby is ready for 5x0 (about 2.5kg +), Targe...

Friday 29 July 02:51am

NicoleFH replied to topic how long did your induction take

My waters had already broken two weeks earlier... Drip started at 8am, baby was out by 5pm

Monday 25 October 07:51am
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