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mum2h&d replied to topic Chances of a 2nd episiotomy?

I had an episiotomy and ventouse delivery with my DS after being induced. I was induced again with my DD and as it was only 16 months later I just assumed that I would tear or need assistance again...

Tuesday 07 January 01:03pm

mum2h&d replied to topic Moving to "big bed" and now fighting sleep

We moved our DS into a bed at 15 months as my DD was due a month later. We were really lucky that he adjusted straight away, but he did drop to one sleep a day at this point. We started his nap in ...

Saturday 04 January 01:11pm

mum2h&d replied to topic When is the exact time for toddle to start talking

All children develop at different rates. Does she understand everything you say and follow directions? My DS didn't really start talking properly until 2 1/2 yo whereas my DD has just turned t...

Friday 03 January 06:47am

mum2h&d replied to topic Am I overweight?? What should I be doing? emotional....

Congrats on your pregnancy! I wouldn't be dieting as such...just be sensible with what you are eating and your portion sizes. Aim not to put on too much weight...did you put on much first time...

Thursday 02 January 09:18am

mum2h&d replied to topic Too much sleep for a 2 year old?

It sounds like a lot to me but as the others said every child is different and has different needs. My daughter is 26 months. She goes to bed between 7-8.30 at night and wakes around 6.30am. About ...

Thursday 02 January 09:12am

mum2h&d replied to topic Formula Feeding Parents - using or have used BELLAMYS

I used it for my daughter as all the Gold ones constipated her. I never had any dramas and never added anything, although she was breastfed until 8 months... you could perhaps add Inner Health Plus...

Thursday 05 December 08:21pm

mum2h&d started new topic Feeding my 20 mo is driving me nuts! Rant and advice please.

One of my close friends is having a hard time weaning her 2 year old at the moment too...and she also eats very little. I don't think you can keep going on hoping that he will wean himself so ...

Tuesday 03 December 01:11pm

mum2h&d replied to topic Different morning sickness for second pregnancy

I had bad morning sickness for first 14 weeks with DS, didn't completely disappear until last trimester. Second pregnancy had NONE whatsoever and had little girl. Third time around am 34 weeks...

Tuesday 19 November 01:15pm

mum2h&d replied to topic What do you think???

What about Marlie/Marley?

Tuesday 19 November 01:09pm

mum2h&d replied to topic Pregnancy Vitamins

As the other girls said, folic acid is definitely the main one to take. Iodine is very important for brain development, and fish oil is also great for both of you. Studies have also shown recently ...

Saturday 05 October 07:42pm

mum2h&d replied to topic Sick of being sick!

Doesn't sound like you're having much fun! Inner Health Plus is fantastic for immunity and it also helps with general wellbeing and can help bub too. Schuessler tissue salts are also my s...

Monday 30 September 01:00pm

mum2h&d replied to topic How to manage with 2 under 2?

Hi there. My DS was 16 months old when DD was born. I was worried when I was pregnant of how I would cope and how my little boy would go...I felt guilty for turning his whole world upside down. But...

Sunday 29 September 01:30pm

mum2h&d replied to topic Please help ladies

Really feel for you! I also had shocking sickness from 5 weeks up until about 2 weeks ago...there was not even one minute of the day where I could say I felt good. (I'm now 26 weeks) Night tim...

Saturday 28 September 08:22pm

mum2h&d replied to topic 2 year vax??? And speech q's

My son was never as good with his speech as a lot of kids his age until about 2.5 2 he would have been saying the basics like Mum, dad, baby, up, more, etc. Knew all the animals and soun...

Saturday 14 September 08:36pm

mum2h&d replied to topic Hayfever tablets and breastfeeding

Its hard when you get given different answers everywhere you turn! I work in a pharmacy and Polaramine is definitely one of the safer ones during pregnancy simply because its been researched more t...

Saturday 14 September 08:24pm

mum2h&d started new topic Breast Feeding mums what's ur cold/flu remedy?

As the other ladies suggested...saline nasal sprays, pain killers, you can also use decongestant nasal sprays for 3 days. Not all antihistamines are safe so I would avoid them. Baby vicks is also f...

Saturday 24 August 01:59pm

mum2h&d replied to topic eczema

Is bub breastfed? If so, take some inner health plus yourself and it will pass through the milk, really helps. Fish oil is great too...a lot of paeds recommend treating eczema from the inside out n...

Monday 19 August 01:30pm

mum2h&d replied to topic Feeling like a crappy mum :(

Agree with all the others! My DS is 3 and always comes in early in the morning around 6ish (however I'm very rarely lucky enough that he goes back to sleep!) and DD also comes in for cuddles b...

Saturday 17 August 08:58pm

mum2h&d replied to topic Baby hates the taste of Pepti junior

Hi there. I don't really have a lot of advice for you...a close friend of mine has had a lot of feeding problems and her DD is cows milk protein intolerant, and has complete breast refusal. Sh...

Saturday 17 August 08:43pm

mum2h&d replied to topic Those with older babies/younger toddlers

Its hard to know how much they really need...but surely you're little one would be eating if hungry?? Not sure how you can make them eat anything more, other than maybe leaving a lunch box of ...

Tuesday 06 August 01:33pm
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