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belle&boo replied to topic Whats you 20month old doing

Mummabears, your little man is really switched on for 20 mos! Did you teach him to count visually like pointing to numbers or just through songs? It's true what Windmill said about kids learning th...

Saturday 23 April 09:44am

belle&boo replied to topic 15 mnth old not walking

Hello, I'm glad to read about all the late walkers as it goes to show that the range of 'normal' is just an average and that all is well in the end. I have since learnt to let go of pressures from...

Sunday 17 April 10:20am

belle&boo replied to topic What is your baby/toddler scared of?

Lucy is 20 mos and is scared of sudden loud noises like a chair falling off a table or a blind falling down, she'll run away far enough to take a cautious glance back . When she was much younger a...

Saturday 16 April 09:09pm

belle&boo replied to topic Tap water

Straight out of the tap from about 5 months. Lucy was early with her teeth so I wanted full benefits of flouride in the tap water! She loves it - tap water and milk is all that she drinks. When my ...

Friday 15 April 09:04am

belle&boo replied to topic Boys names help me pick ..

Hi, I've never thought of giving a name to match the existing child's name.. that's interesting Well going from your list, how about Tobias or Harry (I don't know why, I have always loved that ...

Friday 15 April 08:54am

belle&boo replied to topic Pregnant with 2nd child and a little sad :(

Hello, I know exactly how you feel... I have a 20 month old daughter and the same thought has crossed my mind a lot and apart from a few other life factors, I sometimes wonder if this is why I'm ...

Friday 15 April 08:43am

belle&boo replied to topic Increasing Breast Milk Supply

Hello, I have a 16 month old baby too and was hoping by now to be pregnant too! Congratulations on bubba #2. I'm still breastfeeding, and recently just got down to 1 feed a day. Hoping to wean soo...

Tuesday 21 December 10:11am

belle&boo replied to topic Breech Baby at 37 weeks

It seems my bub was always in the breech position from 32 weeks. At 35 weeks my obs said there was a 75% chance that the baby would turn. I tried to do excercises that was known to help turn the ba...

Tuesday 21 December 09:50am

belle&boo replied to topic Your Dental Care Tips

Lucy's teeth erupted really early, first two bottom teeth around 4 mos, then it was just constant teething. I remember at 12 mos, she had 12 teeth and now at 16 mos, she has all her milk teeth but ...

Friday 10 December 10:46am

belle&boo replied to topic 9mth old stopped putting on weight and growing

My 10 month old baby girl hasn't put on even 1kg for the last 3 months. From when she hit 9kg mark at 7 months, she put on very little weight each week. It comes as a bit of a shock when you're so ...

Saturday 26 June 12:15pm

belle&boo replied to topic Sitting alone

My little one sat on her own at 5 months. I actually had her in the middle of a portacot so if she toppled sideways / backwards she wouldn't hurt herself on the mesh sides of the cot. I needed to t...

Saturday 26 June 11:38am

belle&boo replied to topic Medela Pump

The Medela Swing pump worked really well for me. I found that sitting slightly leaning forward helped with the flow and prevented the milk from collecting in the suction cap and leaking down the br...

Saturday 26 June 11:27am

belle&boo replied to topic AUGUST 2009 bubba's

I wish I could avoid childcare I'm a newbie on here and Lucy was born on 3 August 2009. Wish I had known about this forum when I was still pregnant, all the stories in anticipation of the birth...

Wednesday 09 June 12:35pm

belle&boo started new topic What foods did you eat when you were breastfeeding?

Hi ladies, I'm interested to know what kinds of foods you ate when you were breastfeeding. I know that different cultures have all kinds of advice on what to eat or drink to increase breastmilk. E...

Wednesday 09 June 12:22pm

belle&boo replied to topic Freezing breast milk using ice tray

You can buy freezer bags to safely store breastmilk for freezing. The chemist stock lots of brands but I liked the Medela ones. I wouldn't freeze breastmilk in uncovered trays in the freezer, and I...

Wednesday 09 June 11:53am

belle&boo replied to topic 13mnth old poo problem

I second papaya as a great unblocker! But any kind of fruit in general is great and I find that if you offer it more frequently instead of other snacks it works wonders. When their face turns red ...

Wednesday 09 June 11:35am

belle&boo replied to topic Is eucaluptus oil dangerous in steam vapourisers?

I had to bump this post as it seems June / July appears to be the worst months for our bubs as they get really sick. I'm glad I came across this post as we were adding the Vicks Vapo Steam dro...

Wednesday 09 June 11:20am

belle&boo replied to topic Nappy Rash that wont go away

I would try and get more time for 'kicks without knicks' in the sun if you can. When Lucy's bum became a bit red and angry I would let her lie on the floor on a plastic-backed change mat where ther...

Saturday 05 June 01:06am

belle&boo replied to topic going from formula to cows milk

I don't understand why cow's milk needs to be watered down since most formulas are made from cow's milk? I introduced cow's milk when Lucy was 9 1/2 months by mixing it with baby cereal for brekkie...

Friday 04 June 08:47pm

belle&boo replied to topic health nurses and there questions

i had the same issue!!! my partner is a big maori bloke and i guess hes scary looking if you look at him in that way lol i got asked 4 times at hospital if he abused me or beat me or forsed me...

Friday 04 June 08:21pm
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