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c.sultana started new topic Just a bit jealous

Hi I lost my little boy in may at 27 weeks. Friends of mine had a baby boy today and I'm feeling a little jealous and sad. I am happy for them, I just wish my boy was with me now. I just want to kn...

Wednesday 12 September 08:14pm

c.sultana replied to topic Trisomy 13 Dealing with the lose

You are not alone. Last Tuesday we found out that our son had trisomy 13, we decided to terminate the pregnancy, so we wouldn't prolong the inevitable. I was booked to be induce at 27 weeks pregnan...

Tuesday 22 May 12:23am

c.sultana replied to topic playgroup question

Our playgroup is all about the kids. We all keep an eye on them and we have craft time. You can chat and watch the kids at the same time.

Sunday 29 April 04:02am

c.sultana replied to topic NT Scan Results

Hi Everyone, I'm 13 weeks pregnant with my 3. I received my NT results on friday. Trisomy 21 was low risk however the other 2 came back as a high risk. I'm now 34 and my other 2 children's result...

Tuesday 14 February 10:39pm

c.sultana replied to topic Another pregnancy Question

Hi. I'm pregnant with my 2nd and I started to show early as well. I've been told that it's because your tummy is still a bit stretched from baby no1. Plus your mid area starts to thicken in prepara...

Friday 20 January 07:54am

c.sultana replied to topic just need sum advise?

so am 4 months prggas wiv our 1st bubba, just afta sum tips to get me mum and his mum on our side abit they don't fink wed be good at it need to prove them all worng You will be fine. All you hav...

Saturday 22 October 08:58am

c.sultana replied to topic opinions and facts please

My DS was still having a morning and bedtime bottle at 20 months. I took him to the CHN. She told me to stop giving him the bottle because it impairs their speech development. It took about two wee...

Monday 19 September 05:56am

c.sultana replied to topic please help anyone whose babys on or tried nestle nan H.A gold formula

I had the same problem with Karicare with my DS getting constipation. Our paed suggested putting him on the Nan HA. It took about a week for DS to get used to the new formula, but after that he was...

Monday 12 September 08:47am

c.sultana replied to topic I want to have a brag now

It's the best feeling when you wake up,check the time and it's 6:30 in the morning and you realise your DS has slept through the night for the first time. Then you go check on him to make sure he i...

Sunday 31 July 06:49am

c.sultana replied to topic The best electric breast pump on the market

I was having trouble b/f my DS. So DH and I decided to use a breast pump. While I was still in hospital my DH went out and bought the Advent electric breast pump, it was fantastic. It came with two...

Thursday 14 July 10:32pm

c.sultana replied to topic introduced solids, cut back on meat

I wouldn't give her milk straight after her lunch. Obviously her tummy would be too full. Maybe you could wait until after her nap for her next bottle. But if you are concerned that she is not get...

Thursday 14 July 12:37am

c.sultana replied to topic Quick question

I believe that it is up to each individual whether they post a reply or not. I tend to reply to subjects that I feel comfortable about sharing my experiences. If I'm not comfortable or unsure of wh...

Wednesday 22 June 10:45pm

c.sultana replied to topic quakers hill

hi,im new to this area and would like to meet some mums with kids similar to my kids age/i have 3 year old boy and 1 year old girl./ we could meet for a coffee or go to the park together. plus do ...

Wednesday 01 June 06:44am

c.sultana replied to topic baby sales

I know that baby kingdom are currently having a sale on now. Everything is on special including prams,car seats, cots etc. They have a website you can look at I'm not sure what it is. I hope this h...

Wednesday 18 May 06:23am

c.sultana replied to topic 14 month old - how many bottles (formula)?

My 14 month old DS still has 3 bottles (200mL) of formula a day. He has one when he wakes up, one after lunch and one after dinner. I'm just wondering if I should be dropping a bottle at this ag...

Thursday 14 April 06:45am

c.sultana replied to topic Newborn baby stuff

Perhaps some laundry powder that's suitable for baby's skin. I use the LUX flakes and DS hasn't had any problems with it. Towels Face washers Hope it helps and good luck with your pregnancy.

Monday 14 March 08:48am

c.sultana replied to topic How many people have great relationships

I know that if my me and my family needed help my parents and my in-laws would help us out, without even asking. Maybe others are not so lucky to have that support. I am lucky that we have many peo...

Wednesday 09 March 11:48pm

c.sultana replied to topic Electric Breast Pump

We bought the avent electrical breast pump when i had my DS,because i was having trouble breastfeeding but still wanted to give him breast milk. I found it really good and easy to use. I know that ...

Friday 04 March 10:28pm

c.sultana replied to topic A lil bored

I take my DS to my local library, they have a nursery rhyme class that they do and it is free. Maybe your library has something similar. Do you have any friends who have children, you could always ...

Tuesday 01 March 03:46am

c.sultana replied to topic Expressing

I know this has probably been discussed heaps but.......... I have a few weddings coming up in March/April & I was hoping leave our son (currently 2.5 months) with my parents. I have got a hold...

Sunday 20 February 09:55pm
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