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Rumina replied to topic VBAC Advice

Choose a homebirth! Highest rate of successful VBAC!!! If this isn't your thing then take a doula to a public hospital.. Research like mad!!

Friday 06 September 06:35pm

Rumina replied to topic 'It' really just hit the fan

My DH used to be a chef as well. The industry sucks and the pay is crap!! The good thing about it is there is heaps if work so easy to walk out of one job and in to another within a few days..

Monday 26 August 07:10pm

Rumina replied to topic Men!

Wow, how interesting reading everyone's posts. We have joint accounts. We have a running fortnightly budget set up on an excel spreadsheet. Each fortnight we sit down together, plug in our ing...

Tuesday 13 August 08:52pm

Rumina replied to topic Interested in using a Doula, wanting feedback

Love this quote! “Asking your husband to be your sole guide through labor is like asking him to lead the way on a climb of Mt Everest. He may be smart and trustworthy, you may love him, but in the...

Saturday 03 August 04:48pm

Rumina replied to topic Delay cord clamping and cutting and placenta delivery?

I think we also need to remember that physiological third stage is the default, the norm. For me, there would need to be a good reason to intervene just like all other aspects of birth.

Saturday 04 May 08:48pm

Rumina replied to topic Midwife says Elevit = expensive pee

I haven't read all the replies but I wouldn't bother with most over the counter supplements. In my view they are all pretty substandard and l would always see a naturopath and have practi...

Sunday 21 April 07:30pm

Rumina replied to topic From the other thread... What's your opinion on toddler "leashes"

But toddlers run, they are toddlers. As parents we need to be alert ALL the time!

Saturday 20 April 06:50pm

Rumina replied to topic From the other thread... What's your opinion on toddler "leashes"

I had a 'runner' and it was very difficult, especially when at the shops. I would not use one of these backpacks as it would make me feel very disconnected to my child (like a pram). I wo...

Thursday 18 April 07:06pm

Rumina replied to topic Easter question

We live in a very multicultural country Blessings, where we have the freedom to choose our own religion. Sounds like you have come up with a compromise that suits your family. I think it is a balan...

Wednesday 27 March 10:50am

Rumina replied to topic I want to stop demand feeding - bad idea?

I actually think your babes feeding is totally normal. Rather than restricting your babes feeds would getting more daytime support for yourself be an option? This way you can be available to your b...

Saturday 23 March 02:11pm

Rumina replied to topic Breastmilk and nutritional value after 8 months??

As PP have said, totally misinformed! Food is for fun before one - breastmilk is the main source if nutrition before the age of one and until babies get the swing of family foods. Breastfeeding i...

Monday 11 March 06:32pm

Rumina replied to topic longer second labours? - a little bit scared

What about planning a homebirth with a local private midwife? Equipment can be left at your house prior to due date and your care provider comes to you. If she doesn't make it you can have acc...

Monday 25 February 07:44pm

Rumina replied to topic tips for drug free birth pls

Hire a doula!!!!

Saturday 23 February 07:00pm

Rumina replied to topic Post your arguments here :p -- KOCHIE.

I think the sad thing about Koches comments is that they are a reflection of how society sees Breastfeeding. As it is, only 18% of women Breastfed at 6 months in Australia, so we just don't see Bre...

Friday 25 January 06:40am

Rumina replied to topic Night feeds????

My children woke frequently through the night well in to their second year. Sometimes they Breastfed other times they just needed a cuddle. They are now in school and both sleep through the night. ...

Saturday 12 January 08:41pm

Rumina replied to topic mastitis at 9months?

Yep, nurse nurse nurse... Rest, drain the breast, massage, heat and cold. Sounds like blocked duct verging on mastitis. Why don't you give ABA Helpline a call?. Remember, food is for fun before one...

Saturday 12 January 06:27pm

Rumina replied to topic Epi vs Natural ... am I just trying to "prove myself" Good article which might help you make an informed decision.

Wednesday 02 January 07:38pm

Rumina replied to topic Routine hospital births

You can absolutely refuse both internals and monitoring. You will get pressured because you muck up their medical records but you can remind them that as skilled midwives you are sure they can obse...

Wednesday 12 December 07:07pm

Rumina replied to topic Breast is best???

I like this article and sums up my view about the 'breast is best' message

Sunday 09 December 07:16pm

Rumina replied to topic Feeling a bit sad

I would suggest calling the ABA Helpline. For many mothers it can be about determining perceived low milk supply Vs actual low milk supply. Once this is determined it can be as easy as doing a few ...

Saturday 08 December 03:46pm
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