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BlairBum replied to topic Miscarriage at 10 weeks

hi ladies thank you so so much for your kind and caring words..havnt had the energy or courage to leave my house as of yet but really want to get on top of the leaky boobs problem..have had a look ...

Wednesday 25 April 01:00am

BlairBum started new topic Miscarriage at 10 weeks

I recently just suffered a miscarriage at 10 weeks gestation (less than a week ago) and have found that my breasts are leaking. Losing the baby has been hard enough but now Ive got milk coming thro...

Monday 23 April 11:01pm

BlairBum replied to topic Hair falling out

Hi there ohh I know exactly what your on about! my hair started falling out when my DD was 3-4 months old, its just all the hormones starting to settle down after birth. I loved how I had all this ...

Wednesday 29 December 09:42am

BlairBum started new topic 13 month old starting to smack and bite

My daughter has recently started to hit or bite me when she doesnt get her way! how do i snap her out of it? i dread the day when her childcare teachers tell me shes bitten or smacked another child...

Monday 27 December 10:02am

BlairBum started new topic Is she teething?

my daughter has been dribbling and sucking her hands non-stop since she was 3 months (shes now 4 months) im not sure if its teething or just a phase as ive felt her gums and cant feel ...

Thursday 25 March 06:53am

BlairBum replied to topic No good father

his name isnt on the birth cert cause he didnt want it on there! at the age of 28 he is so immature to be a father and since the day he txt me to acknowledge our baby, hes caused nothing but grief....

Thursday 25 March 06:48am

BlairBum replied to topic November 09 babies

Hello mummies I had my beautiful daughter Kaia Mihiora Isabelle on November 26 at 1.50pm via C-section. She weighed 7pound 8ounces and was 49cm long..Shes my first baby and im loving every moment ...

Wednesday 24 March 09:28pm

BlairBum replied to topic No good father

all of a sudden he wants to see her but i dont want him to! i dont know if i should let him or not cause hes coming back into our lives and i dont want him hurting my daughter the way he did to me

Wednesday 24 March 09:22pm

BlairBum replied to topic Isn't it funny!

lol here i was thinking 'it must just be me'.. i get really peeved when someone whos been partying all weekend (say my 20yo sister) says theyre really tired and need to catch up on sleep! i feel li...

Wednesday 24 March 12:28am

BlairBum started new topic No good father

My daughters father left me for another woman when i was four months pregnant. i was so broken and lost as it was my first baby and i didnt have him there to support me, he ended up telling me to f...

Tuesday 23 March 11:58pm

BlairBum started new topic Sleeping through the night

My 4 month old DD has been sleeping through the night since she was 5 weeks old! shes in bed between 7-8pm and doesnt wake until 6-7am, goes back to sleep an hour later for a further 3-4 hours..

Tuesday 23 March 11:41pm

BlairBum replied to topic Low milk supply

aww I feel you on this topic. I was adamant on breastfeeding for as long as possible but my milk supply just wasnt meeting my daughters demands. she started getting colicky and that added to the st...

Tuesday 23 March 07:13pm

BlairBum replied to topic When did you milk come in?

i had my c-section on a thursday and my milk came in on the sunday..i kept breastfeeding on demand with the colostrum and that helped build my supply up for my daughter was getting a g...

Friday 19 March 08:25am

BlairBum started new topic Heart shaped uterus

after having a c-section for my first baby I was told by the Ob that I have a heart shaped uterus! which ment that when I myself was born it hadnt formed properly to a normal sized uterus. any who ...

Friday 19 March 08:14am

BlairBum replied to topic pain relief post c-section

hi there well i had my little girl back in november via elective c-section as she was in breech. the pain relief i was given worked wonders (i was at national womans in auckland). i was given a dri...

Thursday 18 March 07:41am
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