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lindah78 replied to topic Boys name for #3

Tyler Blake Anthony George Timothy Michael Mark Jackson Connor Hayden Braxton Bailey Ethan Ryan Jordan Luke Chris Warren Darren David Glenn Hope this helps you

Wednesday 04 December 10:37am

lindah78 replied to topic prem baby clothes?

My sister had her baby boy 3 weeks ago at 27 weeks. Next week he will be allowed to start wearing clothes dose anyone know where you can buy tiny prem baby clothes? He is only 2pound 10 TIA Wh...

Friday 29 July 09:57pm

lindah78 replied to topic Almost 2 year old wakes up everynight to come into parents bed

my daughter is 28months and when she falls asleep i put her in her bed and she stays in there for most of the night but then some nights she comes into my bed i use to let her sleep with me and i g...

Friday 12 November 10:17am

lindah78 replied to topic Some1 help me please

I'm making a homemade gift for my daughters grandparent. The gift is called Box of Love to make gift: -small plain boxes(Jewellry boxes work very well) -glittle,sequins,panit,feltvpens ect -rib...

Friday 12 November 09:40am

lindah78 replied to topic Lots of change coming not sure how to approach with my 22 month old?

It might be best to wait to see if he settles well if not i'd let him have the dummy till he fill setttled that way he wont be so stressed as things are changing around him and he may not like it b...

Friday 12 November 09:27am

lindah78 replied to topic Huggies Nappy-Pants (Have you tried them?)

i have been using the nappy pants since my daughter was about 15months and i wouldn't go back to nappies again they are the best thing ever they are a lot easier to put on as they can stand up then...

Friday 12 November 09:21am

lindah78 replied to topic Only child

I have one son and dont want anymore children, does anyone think this is greedy of me(coz this is what ive been told), and do you think it will effect my son (not having brothers and sisters to pl...

Monday 04 October 09:14am

lindah78 replied to topic DUMMY! Help!

When i decided to take my daughter off the dummy she was around 16-17 months. There was a couple of time when Madison went to sleep without her dummy so i decided to take the dummy away from her. ...

Saturday 24 July 06:15am
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