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Hi Woosie, thanks for the reply If you are breast feeding then you can usually expect to not get your period until you wean bubs off the breast. I'll no doubt end up waiting until I get a period, I just want to know I am covered contraception wise once hubby and I ... you know... as I am looking forward to that again! Sorry if TMI!!

My daughter is 19 days old, and I have heard a popping noise somewhere around her left shoulder on 3 occasions since she was born. I am not sure what to make of it, she has full use of her arms and hands, she does not seem in pain when it happens, infact she does not even blink or flicnh, so I have no idea why or what it is that is happening! Would love to hear more from others who have an idea about it!! Will be speaking to my ob shortly about it though, just to make sure!

your welcome. I must say, I was unsure what to expect, but what a great site. Wish I had of known about it earlier!!

Thanks mars, I did cajary, but was still unsure, thought some mums might be able to give some insight if they knew. Spoke to ticketek, all allocations are sold apart from the upper levels, which only some tickets are still available. seems I should have been on the ticketek website at 9am to get any decent tickets!! And all tickets on the floor near the stage are the hot potato ones, I asked the lady on the phone, was easier than trying to read the floor plan, lol!!