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YAY I am no longer friendless, wow too many names to remember. I will never remember who you all are from facebook to hugs! I will get around to putting pics up on facebook so you can see what I look like etc, but my name will stay as it is on there Mi Chelle - I have a thing about putting my full name up on the net, I get weirded out by that!! So who wants to guess what i look like before I put a pic of me up there.... Denae - You are not allowed to guess, you'd get it right straight away!! you have seen me in pics before!

I am guessing pink!! Yay, hope all is well and they get to see bubs move around heaps and they get some good piccies to keep. U/S are so fun to see the bubby!!

LOL literally that made my day, obviously it did not make yours though!!

Well I finally got myself a facebook profile!! And I have 1 friend, well to be honest with you, she actually hasn't added me yet, so I infact am a loner with NO friends, but she promised to be my first friend when I setup facebook. So that make me not entirely a loner right??? So how about it, who else wants to be my facebook friend??? Pm me details so I can add you, Cheers, chelle xx

I used to 'return to sender them' but got sick of that, so now just bin them instead.

Mine go straight from letterbox to bin So annoying to keep getting them. I do know some sad people who open them and truly believe that they have won! Terrible shame!! it will be clag... slowly you will recall all those familiar tastes from your childhood lol

that is good to know about the glass nome, will have to remember that for when kid ever get a rash, thanks.

Haha, how naughty am I!! I went walking today, walked about 4km until it started to rain, then came home sat at the putey on hugs and ate a piece of toast with nutella on it - Defeats the purpose of going for a walk!! After I had DS in sep 06 I dropped the weight easy, and was back to my pre preg weight within a couple of months, put on 14 kg all up that pregnancy, dropped 10kg within the first few days. With DD, she was born 8 weeks ago, and I only gained just on 10kg, dropped 9 kg in the first week or so and I have 1 kg to go and I am back to pre-preg weight. I am shocked, I have not excerised or eaten healhtily, it's just happened. So I figured I may as well do a bit of walking, I used to and loved it, and now I can go anytime of day as I am not working, so weather permitting each day now I have decided that the 2 kids and the dog set and I will with the kids in the P & T and trek across the nearby walking track. We live in the country in Vic, and that is about a 4km track f...

well welcome to hugs laura, hover in general when your logged on to hugs and you are bound to meet a heap of lovely ladies to chat with and get to know. Cheers Chelle x