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*Strawberry* replied to topic Manduca baby carrier

Thanks ladies. DD was so unsettled this morning so I put her in the manduca and she slept for about 3 1/2 hours in there! I only took her out as she was getting hot in there - it was a warm day and...

Sunday 29 September 07:28pm

*Strawberry* replied to topic Advice on a good Baby Carrier

I have a manduca and it's fabulous! Super comfy and can wear it for hours without hurting my back or shoulders. Has a newborn insert already in it (you need to buy the newborn insert separatel...

Sunday 29 September 03:42am

*Strawberry* started new topic Manduca baby carrier

Hello, Just wondering if you would, or have, used a manduca baby carrier with a newborn? My DD is 3 weeks old and has been in it a few times and perfectly happy, slept the entires time (and I per...

Sunday 29 September 12:42am

*Strawberry* started new topic Raised bassinet mattress

My DD is 8 days old and so far is quiet a chucky baby. After every feed I make sure she is burped and usually wait for her to spit up a little before putting her down in her bassinet. Sometimes h...

Monday 16 September 10:44am

*Strawberry* started new topic Measuring big

Hi ladies, I'm currently 33weeks and 4 days along and at my appointment on Monday, my OB measured me as she does each time yet this week I was measuring 37 weeks at only 33! Anyone else meas...

Thursday 15 August 02:49pm

*Strawberry* replied to topic Due October 2013!!

Hi ladies, my advice would be to have a few 0000 items (ie singlets, onsies) but more 000 - little babies grow so quick and if you have a big baby they wont be in 0000 for too long. You can always...

Monday 22 July 06:31pm

*Strawberry* replied to topic Not liking pregnancy :( am i normal!

Yep, not really enjoying it either. First pregnancy I loved it, I had a cruisey job so could just focus on baby, it was just hubby and I so I could sleep whenever I needed too, I ate everything in...

Monday 08 July 06:58pm

*Strawberry* replied to topic negative blood type anti d needle help!!

I had an Anti D around 8 weeks due to bleeding but am not scheduled for my next one until 28 weeks. I know there is another one to come. I believe you only need to get the shot before 28 weeks is ...

Wednesday 12 June 11:07am

*Strawberry* replied to topic Due October 2013!!

Hi ladies, Are you on Facebook? We have a really supportive October mummies group (it's a secret group so only members can see what you post). If you would like to join, please send Melliss...

Wednesday 15 May 06:32pm

*Strawberry* started new topic Anterior placenta

Hi ladies, For those of you who have / have had an anterior placenta, when did you first feel movements? I'm 18+3 and I thought I was feeling some little somersaults a couple of weeks ago but...

Wednesday 01 May 08:14pm

*Strawberry* replied to topic Pregnant and flu shot- yes or no?

I got the flu shot when I was about 12 weeks, my OB suggested I get it (with no pressure, entirely my choice). She said it is perfectly safe and recommended for pregnant ladies to get it, especial...

Sunday 28 April 08:05am

*Strawberry* replied to topic has anyone had a tele-interview (interview over TV)?

I had an interview for a job when I was in Los Angeles and the job was in Sydney and it was via a tv link up. Very strange and made me more nervous than I acutally was. Just try to relax and mayb...

Tuesday 23 April 06:20pm

*Strawberry* replied to topic Fly In Fly Out Mummies

My hubby also does 4:1 and it's not fun! Especially by the 3rd week, seems to be when it all goes downhill! The last few months have been a struggle for me as I've been really sick with...

Thursday 18 April 06:21pm

*Strawberry* replied to topic Acupunture for morning sickness

I had 3 sessions over 2-3 weeks and found it helped me, the middle appointment especially. I would recommend giving it a go, if anything it was nice to relax for an hour! I've been told to co...

Thursday 11 April 01:41pm

*Strawberry* started new topic Muscle soreness

Hi ladies, Is anyone else finding that their muscles are taking extra long to recover after exercise? I go to the gym once a week to work with my trainer and while I take it easy and do safe work...

Thursday 11 April 07:56am

*Strawberry* replied to topic What was your 2nd pregnancy like?

Congratulations on your pregnancy! This pregnancy I have been much sicker than with my DD, it was very reassuring (as much as it sucked!) to have the morning sickness after 2 miscarriages. Please ...

Tuesday 09 April 07:13am

*Strawberry* replied to topic pregnancy anxiety after miscarriage

Congratulations on seeing the heartbeat! Such an amazing feeling isn't it!? I had 2 miscarriages after my DD and am now 15 weeks pregnant. I stressed the entire 12 weeks but was so sick I k...

Sunday 07 April 07:37am

*Strawberry* replied to topic Private vs Public THROUGH PREGNANCY

Good choice! I went private with my first and going private again and personally think that it's worth every penny.

Thursday 04 April 08:14pm

*Strawberry* started new topic Pregnancy yoga / pilates in Adelaide area

Hi ladies, Any Adelaide mums out there that know of a pregnancy yoga or pilates class that is held during the day? (preferrably in the western suburbs) I've found a few in the area but are a...

Saturday 30 March 08:47am

*Strawberry* replied to topic Due October 2013!!

Congratulations ladies! If you are on Facebook, send Mellissa Greeff a friend request and she will add you to our very supportive and fun group.

Saturday 30 March 08:44am
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