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jacq_1985 replied to topic Morning Sickness

as strange as it is...... lollies. anything sweet. i'm just hitting 9 weeks, i've had a small spot of ms, n any time i feel crap, i suck on a barley sugar or lolly, sweet biscuits, anything with su...

Tuesday 16 October 08:07pm

jacq_1985 started new topic scared

on my first attempt at TTC i fell pregnant, i would be 4 weeks today. i just went to the doctors on tuesday to confirm with the doctor. but today, i felt really strange with a weird pain on my side...

Thursday 13 September 06:52pm

jacq_1985 started new topic strange findings

i just done a test a few hours ago, but i was too scared to look at the result. so my sister looked then asked me if it was a normal test that had the control line to say it was working n the other...

Friday 14 January 03:39pm

jacq_1985 started new topic nose picker

i have a 2 and a half year old boy who constantly has his finger up his nose. it has gotten to the stage of bleeding a number of times, but in particular it is constantly red! i have tried to smack...

Friday 31 October 10:37am

jacq_1985 replied to topic Getting rid of dummy and his Ish!!

hi, the way we got rid of the dummy was kinda slow, but during the day, if he didn't have it in his mouth, i'd hide it until he really wanted/needed it back. then that gradually made it to only ni...

Saturday 25 October 03:59pm

jacq_1985 replied to topic Preschool...when does it get better?

hi, i'm a mum of a 2.5 yr old boy, although he has been in child care since he was 8 weeks old for 2 - 3 days a week, about 3 months ago, we changed to another centre and it took him about 6 weeks ...

Saturday 25 October 03:46pm

jacq_1985 started new topic nose picker

i know it's just a phase, but my son has his finger permanently attatched to his nose and now it's red raw and not far from bleeding (which it has done a few times now!) but even with it being red,...

Saturday 25 October 03:37pm
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