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Hi Everyone, I've been doing a little research on when my due date is and I'm going to go for 17 November. Not the 20th as my cycle has never been 28 days! Rather 25 and 27 days and 25 day cycle has been the most. Hopefully when I meet with my midwife she will feel the same.

Why not tell people you are getting over a cold and have to take antibiotics which means you can't have alcohol?

Hi everyone, I first off just want to say congratulations on your pregnancy! Especially to those who have been trying for ages! My name is Nicola. I live in Auckland, New Zealand. I was born and lived 18 years of my life in South Africa. My husband Max and I have been married 5 years on 1 May 2010. I am 27 years old and my DH is 36. He is also South African. We have a daughter who will be 19 months tomorrow. Her name is Asher. She is so energetic, she was walking by 8 months and so constantly has us on our toes! She is a delight though. A recent milestone for her and us is moving her to a toddler bed and she is loving it. Asher took the first cycle to conceive her and this time round it took us two months but 4 cycles. I supposed to be due around 20 November but my cycle has been a 25 day and 27 day cycles. I've sent an email to the midwife I used to Asher and I hope to use her again. I have managed to loose 10 kilos before falling pregnant and I am now lighter than I was whe...

Ok girls, Still no AF, but the line is so faint but I will accept it as a positive. Have one more test to go through so might leave it for the middle of the week to test. Definitely feeling crampy and my boob are starting to feel "constricted" I could be due anytime from the 14th till the 20th. Will have to see what a scan says. So after 4 cycles we were succseful. Thanks to all of you for your support and love and I wish everyone of you a quick falling pregnant and a fantastic and easy pregnancy and the least painful birth. I will pop in here and future threads to wish plenty of baby dust. TTC March: TJKMum - TTC #2 Cycle #3 Angel82 - TTC #1 Cycle #11 Isabella_Wanna_Baby - TTC #1 Cycle #14 meowww - TTC #1 Cycle #2 ~Katie~ - TTC #1 Cycle 4 elvisbaby - TTC #3 Cycle #1 Shelleygirl - TTC #1 Cycle #7 Tines -TTC #2 cycle 5 Benfee (Fiona)- TTC #1 cycle 2 wkyles1 - TTC #1 Cycle #9 JB82 (Bec) - TTC #1 cycle #1 (after FS appt) gundiez (Genna) - TTC #1 for far too long. lis501 - TTC #1...

In regards to boob sizes, with my first pregnancy I went from a C cup all the way up to an F cup!!!!! After breastfeeding I am now a DD and not looking forward to seeing how big I'm going to get! So.... did the test again this morning and the 2nd line came up before 5 minutes was up but it's still pretty faint. Still no AF either. I'm in Auckland and the warehouse pharmacy is giving away a $5 voucher and I saw that quick response have the sticks now (never seen them before) and it's $18 for two with a free 3rd stick so I think I may go and get one of those. I hate the fact that the negative line is still very clear! The lines need to be equal. What you guys think? Am I just not taking this to heart?

Hi everyone, Well I was supposed to test on Sunday 7th but I left it till Tuesday and got a negative. Tested again the next day and got a negative. I've had 25 day and 27 day cycles. CD25 has passed with no AF and today is CD 27 and still no AF. I did a test today and got a very faint line that I actually thought I was imagining it and it didn't come up straight away. Looking at it now, the 2nd line is definitely there and looking at the other 2 tests, I can see a faint line there too. Symptoms I've had has waking up in the middle of the night with cramps that are worse than my usual period cramps. Will do another test tomorrow and let you know.

I'm with what the other lady said about the Nike slogan "just do it" My daughter is currently 18months old and we changed her cot into a toddler bed last weekend! The only advice I would give is to make sure your child isn't teething or sick! And make sure your child has been sleeping through the night for a week or more. The first night she went to bed fine but woke up around 2:30am till 4:30am because of her teeth. She finally settled after some medication. The 2nd night she only woke up around 4am and settled after I gave her medication for her teeth. The 3rd night she slept from 7pm till 9:15am without waking up. She hasn't fallen out of her bed yet to date, she has a small bed guard but it won't stop her from falling out so I do have pillows along the floor so she does have a soft landing if she does fall out. On occasion we have put her down for her day sleep, closed the door behind us and she has gotten out of bed, played for 5 minutes, then got back into bed and went t...

Stupid huggies forum kicked my subscription off this thread so I haven't received any updates! We will find out this week if we are successful otherwise onto cycle 5.

Welcome to the new girls... all the best!

just adding myself. Come from TTC Feb. I'm on cycle 4 and moving into the TTW list. We have decided that the next time I ovulate we won't be trying for a baby as it will be too hectic and expensive having a xmas baby. TTC TJKMum - TTC #2 Cycle #3 lis501 - TTC #1 Cycle #22 (1st Clomid, still awaiting AF or BFP from Feb) Angel82 - TTC #1 Cycle #11 Isabella_Wanna_Baby - TTC #1 Cycle #14 meowww - TTC #1 Cycle #2 ~Katie~ - TTC #1 Cycle 4 TWW benfee - TTC #1 Cycle 2 (POAS approx 12 march) wkyles1 - TTC #1 Cycle #8 Charlie boy's mumma (cindy)- ttc #3 cycle 1 justnix (nicola) - TTC #2 Cycle 4 (POAS around 7 March) PREGNANT