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Welcome Kally Congratulations!

My midwife sent me for a scan with my first only when I was 12 weeks so what would the reason be that I would have another one? You are probably right Georgie but I just remember even during labor when my midwife checked my dilation I had to use gas. Felt like she had long nails scratching me inside! It was the only part in my whole labor that I used pain relief. Because you had an early scan does that mean you won't be getting another till the 19th week or will you be getting another at 12 weeks. I know here in NZ if you go through a midwife you only get 2 free scans. One around 12 weeks and one around 19 weeks and if you are past 40 weeks then another one then. Otherwise if you want a another scan your midwife can't refer you so you have to pay. Thats just my experience here in Auckland. I have a friend who went through an doctor and she had a scan once a month and every week closer to the time but she had fertility issues and had a miscarriage. I think I would wait till the...

There is no way I'm going to have an internal scan! My cervix is so sensitive as it is! Pap smears bring tears to my eyes so no thanks!

They may still end up here as they are due around the 2 dec and only because some of the girls in there ttc in march but have extra long cycles! I'm getting tired now. I'm thankful my girl has been waking up after 8am for the past 2 months. I couldn't handle waking up at 6am or earlier!

If anyone is interested, I've started a blog called "40weeks280day" about me trying for a baby and falling pregnant and will follow my pregnancy till birth.

I have already ordered one, I told a fib about my due date so I could get it now haha. What do you get in it? Got all sorts of thing, huggies nappy, body butter lotion, information on nursery stuff, vouchers etc. It changes everytime. Basically samples and info that have to do with you being pregnant or with a newborn.

Those of you who have toddlers and those of you who will be reaching 13 weeks soon. Have a look at this link: and get yourself a free pack! I've got the baby and me pack when I was pregnant and the toddler pack and it's a great way to test out samples that they give you and information.

Hey, those of you feeling ill from morning sickness I found a blackmores morning sickness relief tablets that you take 3 times a day. I haven't tried them as I'm not sick yet but just thought to let you know.

Hi all, Managed to figure out my ticker... finally! Took my last preggie test last night and it came quickly and much stronger so I'm convinced I'm pregnant now. I also called the midwife I used for my first pregnancy and I was so excited and nervous when I was talking to her! I'm booked to see her the 13th April.

I wanted to find out so badly and had 2 scans to try and find out but both times the couldn't tell! Though, the lady said the 2nd time, I'm guessing.... it's a girl.... but I'm not sure. So we just told everyone we didn't know. I was gutted as I do like to plan and prepare and stuff. But it was a lovely surprise and I was super excited cuz since I was a kid I wanted a girl. This time round we will try and find out again especially since I want to know if I will be keeping all my girls clothes or selling them. Babies Due in November 2010 1st Georgina (Georgie) #1 2nd 3rd 4th Lauren_Maddie's mum (Lauren) #2 NMB688 #3 5th Mummy2Jaylah (Belinda) #2 6th CCx (Clare) #1 7th *perfectmumihope* (Lisa) #4 8th Charlie boy''s mumma (Cindy) #3 Ashleigh87 (Ashleigh) #1 9th MMM-Family (Mel) #2 Beck_JaydenEllaBrody (Beck) #4 manza01(Amanda) #1 10th 11th 12th evasmummy (Sam) #2 13th 14th Hunniebee(Bee)#4 Fordchik (Holly) #2 15th 16th 17th Justnix (Nicola) #2 18th 19th 20th 21...