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I gave birth in birthcare and not the hospital.My midwife check my dilation at 1am and I was 4 cm, by 3am I was 10cam and 45 min later I had Asher. If I take that then I guess my labor was 3 hours and 45 minutes. I am a bit concerned with this pregnancy. I have no m/s and no weight change. I remember my breast being really sore to touch last time and had bad cramps and put on 4 kilos in 3 months. I only have a midwife appointment on the 13th April, still so far away. I wish the doctors here did something on checking if you are pregnant but all they did last time was tell me if the POAS was positive then I pregnant and gave me information and sent me home. Waste of time really!

Welcome Kim Good to have you on board Those of you who are giving you time of labor, from when do you count how many hours? I f I take from the latent phase or from when my waters broke (trickled actually) till the time Asher was born it was 8 and a half hours. If I take from the time I started time them because they were getting stronger till birth it's 5 and a half hours but my actual pushing stage was 45 minutes.

talking about bum's in the air, did for my first and fell pregnant and did it this time round and fell pregnant. All I did was put my feet up on a wall and lifted my pelvis up so it would run down rather than out if that makes sense? I think 20 minutes is advised.

Anyway here's a NZ link with guidelines on what is safe: Food safety

Like I said before. Store brought mayonnaise is FINE to eat. The eggs are pasteurized and the heat kills any bugs that may be there. Yes, I'm not denying that you can eat it. It's up to the individual of course. And hence why I said especially homemade. Hollandaise sauce and mouse have egg in it too. Georgina, I don't know if you intend on your posts coming across like it is but to me it's reading that you are pretty hostile towards what I'm writing sometimes. Please understand I'm not telling people what they should eat or not eat. I'm going by what a lot of websites say and the information my midwife gave me. Aren't we all just giving our opinions when it is asked?

Don't stress about it.... I Honestly think it's when you are eating out. You just don't know what the hygiene is like at take aways and you know you keep and cook food at home. Salad bars aren't great either because people hover over them and sneeze and cough and stuff. If you eat any meat from a takeaway tell them you are pregnant and you want straight out the fry/oven fresh. And if you eat at a restaurant ask for cooked veggies rather than salad. Always have hot food rather than cold.

Beck - it is highly recommended that you DON'T have runny eggs because of the possibility of it carrying food diseases, even the shell. They have to be hard, even your fried eggs have to be hard. Same with your meat. Has to be very well done. Not medium rare or rare! Mayo isn't supposed to be good either because it has raw egg in it. Especially if it's homemade. At the end it's up to you though what you want to risk or skip everything.

Yeah, did the ring test for my first child and got a girl prediction. I don't remember when I first felt sick but I do remember that the first time I threw up was only after the 10 weeks and it happened 3 times till the 12 week. Not bad, but it sucked all the same. All I craved was fruit and couldn't stomach any food so only put on 4 kilos in the first 3-4 months and 15 kilos total at the end. Right at the end I craved fridge cold oranges. I would cut them, drain the juice, drink it and then eat the segments. Would have about 5 oranges a day! As soon as I gave birth, the oranges I had in my fridge went off because I didn't feel like them anymore.

Looked at the Chinese thing and it said I was to have a boy, but I have a girl. This time round it says I should be having a boy. I think it's going to be hard for my DH parents because he's the only boy which means if we don't have a boy, no one in the family will be able to carry their name. Those of you with morning sickness what week did it start? I will be coming up 6 weeks next week Wednesday and still nothing, not that I'm complaining but I guess it's reassuring when you do have morning sickness that there is actually a baby! As for sex, I say go for it unless you feel ill or if partner is not feeling comfortable about it.

So sorry Court! My thoughts and prayers are with you.