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Hi everyone Happy easter We are christian but don't follow certain ways of doing things. Will attend church on Sunday and give my girl an easter hunt I'm having bad gas pains too but I do find it's worse depending what I eat. Today I had morning sickness, but really mild and only felt "off" when I hadn't eaten for a while. We went for a drive today and all I could eat this morning was a hot cross bun at 9am and I wasn't able to eat anything till 1pm so the roads weren't treating me well!! But once I ate.... felt perfect! Then tonight I was preparing dinner and started to feel hungry and "off" again.... but, I've had dinner and I'm fine again! Strange Is anyone loosing weight? I weighed myself this morning to find that I've lost a kilogram! Last time, by the time I hit 3 months I had put on 4kg's! Maybe it's my running after my girl and the fact that I am certainly not eating as much as last time. Have a great rest of the weekend

Well done to the new BFP! TTC March: Shavarn - TTC#2 cycle #1 MrsFlash - TTC#5 Cycle #2 Angel82 - TTC #1 Cycle #11 Isabella_Wanna_Baby - TTC #1 Cycle #14 ~Katie~ - TTC #1 Cycle 4 Tines -TTC #2 cycle 5 Benfee (Fiona)- TTC #1 cycle 2 wkyles1 - TTC #1 Cycle #9 lis501 - TTC #1 Cycle #23! (C'mon Clomid!) acrispin08 (Aleesha) -TTC #2 Cycle #4 SugaRnSpicE (Stacey) - TTC #3 Cycle #1 Nat - TTC #1 Cycle #7 TWW Marinela- ttc #1 ( ovulated around 21st ) TJKMum - TTC #2 Cycle #3 (poas around 26th march) lizyd- TTC #2 cycle 1 (poas around 20th march) becs22 (Rebecca)- TTC #2 Cycle #3 (POAS approx 25th March) chantaln - TTC #1 Cylce #2 (POAS around 22nd March) meowww - TTC #1 Cycle #2 Boy-boy-girl-boy ( bree ) TTC # 5 ( poas around 26th march ) JB82 (Bec) - TTC #1 cycle #1 (after FS appt) Shelleygirl - TTC #1 Cycle #7 gundiez (Genna) - TTC #1 for far too long PREGNANT Charlie boy's mumma (cindy) Ashleigh87 Justnix - conceived #2 on 4th cycle Kim - Sophie & Lara - conceived #3 on 1st cycle liz...

I think I've sent a facebook invite to everyone who has given their email address. If you didn't get one, then send me an invite: OR Nicola Poznanovich and look for a profile with my daughter in it with a hat on, though with my surname, I think I will be the only Nicola

I'm keen to start a facebook page but I don't want others to know so will wait till I'm 3 months. Anyone wanting to add me on facebook: So sorry of your loss Helen! I can't imagine the pain and the loss. My prayers to you. Ashleigh - what was the difference in the date change? Anyone in Oz being affected by Cyclone Paul? AFM - Still no morning sickness and only mild tenderness in my boobs. Been completely different my first pregnancy!

Welcome to the newbies! A question for those on your 2nd pregnancy.... are your breast feeling tender/full or actually really sensitive, like anyone touching them really hurts and sometimes you have to sleep with a soft cotton bra to try and ease them.

I'm half way through 6 weeks of pregnancy and just wondering if anyone else out there that is pregnant or has been pregnant that didn't experience morning sickness in the early stages? I had morning sickness with my first, but have nothing now. I do seem to have tender breasts and slight cramps here and there but thats it. Thoughts?

Welcome to thew newbies. With my first I put on about 17kg's. I was already overweight so got very uncomfortable towards the end. For this pregnancy I have lost 10kg's so much lighter than with the first. Having a toddler, I am constantly running after her so I hope I won't put on as much. Asher was 4.07kg's at birth. My midwife thought she would be 3.6kgs'

Worked that by 6 weeks with my first I had bad morning sickness, I remember because it was over Christmas. Still no morning sickness. I fine with that, just praying all is ok.

Welcome Lizy Will you guys keep the Dec thread going or delete it? Belinda - I don't have much advice but maybe the sooner you try and sort her sleeping issues out the better for you and her and keep consistent Above are two link explaining the same thing. It may be possible that you have a blighted ovum.