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Belinda - I;d be fascinated to know what they come back with on Jaylah's IQ! When do they think is a good time to test? Hope the two of you get better soon! I think it's the worst when you get sick when pregnant but to have your little one sick too is just as nasty! Lauren - great news about Maddie! You must be so proud! Holding fingers the 2nd night goes just as well and you get a little sleep in Congrats on 21 weeks! Beck - I'm hoping our movie theaters here will have a mums and bubs session with TS3 showing. I at least won't have to pay as much and if she doesn't end up watching it won't be a waste of money. Under 5's are free Nikki - glad to hear your scan went well! Would love to see the 4d scans pics! Ash - don't stress too much about not being able to feel anything. You might just have a "quiet" baby When you near the end you will be wishing it wouldn't move as much when it's kicking your bladder or ribs! Great you got to hear the heartbeat though! I'm sure it makes yo...

What about using Kiwi fruit in her diet? Or apricots? Phone the formula company and ask them what would be an ok amount to diminish the scoops. When I phoned, they said I could half the amount of scoops given with the same amount of water but give more bottles if that gives sense? Maybe stop giving her the morning cereal if you can and give her fruit for breakfast and veggies for lunch ect. Reduce the carbs as much as possible.

Belinda - Trade me is like Ebay but it's for New Zealanders only. All the best for your appointment tomorrow. G.K - I did buy a nappy bin for Asher but used separate nappy bags for the nappies, not the kind that comes with the bin. Was too expensive! I did this till she stopped breastfeeding and was on formula and solids fully and then stuck the bin outside as it started to stick. You will see how breastfed babies almost have no smell when they poop! So great you can have a waterbirth!

Beck - so sorry about the house issues. I wouldn't wish them on anyone! I have a bassinet like the first one you gave a link for. Having it on wheels meant I could move it to our warmer lounge during the day and move it back at night. It doesn't rock but it does have a vibration feature which I admit I never really used. The hood was also on the side of the bassinet with hanging teddies and I could hang a blanket over the other side if I wanted it darker for her. Loved it. Looks like this: The best thing about it was I got it for $60! It's worth $320!

Here's a couple of questions for everyone: 1) Who are you planning to have in the birth room with you while in labor? 2) Those of you with kids already, who will be looking after them when you go into labor?

Congrats on the revealed ultrasounds! So very exciting! 2 more sleeps for me! I said to my husband that if they can't tell that I'm going to pay out of my own money for another scan! I have to know! Sorry for no personals, I went to sleep and by 2:30am I was wide away till this morning. Totally exhausted and my ribs are still very sore!

Thought it by time I change my date from the 17th to the 20th. I'm kinda hoping the next scan will bring my dates forward to what I worked them out to be. I've made the adjustment on the list. G.K - Had a look at the site as the milk bar website said they host it but they don't seem to have in stock. There was one selling on trade me but it wouldn't tell you how much it went for. I think my only way for us to make it easier to post here and stay signed in is to keep the web page up and running till you switch the computer off. Bubs due in November 2010: 1st G.K (Georgie) #1 "SURPRISE" 2nd Wembley #4 "SECRET" Megan_Gaea (Megan) #1 "SURPRISE" 3rd MMM-Family (Mel) #2 4th TamDaz #1 "SURPRISE" 5th Lauren_Maddie's mum (Lauren) #2 "SURPRISE" Babi_Cherri_Gurl (Naomi) #1 *perfectmumihope* (Lisa) #4 "GIRL" 7th Beck-JaydenEllaBrody (Beck) #4 "SURPRISE" jollyhairtoe (Sal) #4 "BOY" mummynik #3 8th Mummy2Jaylah (Belinda U) #2 "SECRET" 9th evasmummy (Sam) #2 'BOY'...

Lauren - yay for more scans! Are you wanting to find out the sex? It sucks how some scan people are so rude and speed things up! I wonder what would happen if you would complain if they would do another scan or not. Congrats on reaching 20 weeks! It all downhill from here!

Hi everyone, It's been a while since I have posted on here but I do read every post thats typed up, every day! As mentioned before, it's a real pain having to re-log in every time because I'm from NZ. Anne - thats cool that you get another scan just check the sex! That wouldn't be the case in NZ! If we don't find out the sex with this scan I'm going to go for another one, even if I have to pay to find out! I had a unintended surprise with my first so I really want to know this time round and especially if it's a boy so I can be prepared. perfectmumihope - so great your sister has you to help her out. Don't tire yourself out though! You don't want to put strain on yourself and your baby GIRL! Congrats on your girl! So precious! Was the date moved back or forward? And why? Because of size? mother of two boys and one on the way - isn't it awesome being able to hear the heartbeat! Where your boys heartbeats faster or slower? Kim - glad to see I'm still on the list Congrats on your...

My son has a nasty cough at night and a bit of a temp. I want to avoid putting him on antibiotics if possible and want to know if any one has any ideas for natural solutions. I find the vicks vaporizer works a charm. My daughter had this bad cough and I finally got the vaporizer and the first time she didn't cough! Now I use it as soon as she gets a cold and it never lasts as long. It's natural and keeps the air moist for the nasal and air passages not to dry out which is often the problem.