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Hey all, I'm reading everything too. Welcome to the newbies. I'm 27 and DH is 36. We are having bub no.2. My daughter Asher will be 2 years old on the 15 August. We live in Auckland, New Zealand. We didn't get the house we so hoped to rent. The lady decided to accept an offer on the house even though she said to us it was too low. It would have been perfect. Oh well... carry on looking. We better find a house soon because I want to transition Asher into an single bed from her toddler bed asap before bubs comes along. I was nesting again yesterday and rearranged Asher's whole room. Moved everything around! Went through all her last summers clothes that she has grown out of and packed it all away to hopefully sell on trade me when it starts getting warmer here. Just realised how little winter stuff I have for Asher but thats ok, summer is almost here... hopefully I already sorted through all the unisex clothes I got for Asher before she was born but I'm not going to wash or sort ...

So sorry you have had a bad night! When I do I feel like crap so I'd hate to know how you are feeling! Hope tonight is wonderful for you! I think there is a book out called "save our sleep" for toddlers. Have you read that? Welcome to the newbies! Hope you stick around as it's great having new people I've been dealing with a cold since Wednesday but feeling a little better today. Asher's birthday is in two weeks and I've finished the invitation but trying to confirm a venue as our current rental is too small. We have been looking for a new place to rent for about a month now and we have found a couple of place that we love but they haven't suited our flatmate. There is a mansion we seriously keen on but it's $80 more than we can really afford so we asked them to decrease the price otherwise we need another flatmate which is fine as the place is big enough and we don't mind having people around. I love it actually. I like the company when Max isn't around. The place has 6 bedro...

Sounds like what I had when I experienced the latent phase. Mild period like pains that last from 7am till around 8pm when they got more intense. Take some panadol, drink a hot sweet drink and try and sleep if you can! You will need the sugar and rest! During this time I put a pad on as my waters had broken but was a slow release of fluid rather than a gush. I was also loosing my mucus plug throughout the day. Hope this helps. Call your midwife you are concerned as you are a little early still.

G.K - Which ante natal group are you going to? I went to Parents Center which you paid for but it meant you get proper and serious conversations and people who want to be there. I was the youngest (25 at the time) and the oldest was around 40. Almost everyone was actually in their 30's. Braxton Hicks - I've really been noticing them since around 20 weeks and far much more this time round than with the first bubs. They aren't painful yet, just uncomfortable as it gets pretty tight. Pelvic pain - I was really hoping I wouldn't get this again but it seems I'm the 1 on 35 women that do No matter what side I sleep on, I wake up with really sore hips and sore inner pelvic area. The only relief is sleeping on my back but then bubs kicks me like crazy! Felt like he was using me as a trampoline last night! Unfortunately sleeping on my back is not going to be my saving grace for much longer as the weight of my tummy can stop important blood flow to bubs and me! I'm looking into getting a p...

What did she say you needed to do?

Did you get a info letter from the scan place at all? My placenta is low lying but it's posterior, hence why I could honestly feel it from 13 weeks (and that it's my 2nd time round). It is very likely that you are anterior then is people with anterior placentas have a harder time feeling any movements. Here's a quote from a website: It means your baby is taking a backseat to the placenta. The term "anterior placenta" refers to the location of the placenta within your uterus. Most of the time, a fertilized egg will situate itself in the posterior uterus — the part closest to your spine, which is where the placenta eventually develops, too. Sometimes, though, the egg implants on the opposite side of the uterus, closest to your abdomen. When the placenta develops, it grows on the front (or anterior) side of your uterus, with the baby behind it. Does the location of your placenta make any difference? Not to your baby, who doesn't care which side of the uterus he or she is lying on...

Just been thinking about you Ash and why you aren't feeling movements very much. When you have you scans have they told you if you placenta is Posterior or Anterior?

I felt disgusting for the short time I was sick but I don't know if I could terminate if I was that bad. A strain on the heart would be scary though. I do know a friend that has had babies full term even though they had issues, like the one baby they detected didn't have a brain but she carried it full term knowing it wouldn't live. I guess it depends how you feel about termination.

Hope it only gets better from here Elena!

Just had a look at my ticker and it says baby might be weighing around 10.5 oz, so I converted that to grams and that works out to around 298g so thats only 20g heavier than what our boy is supposedly weighing. Just sounds so big