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Ren Hen started new topic Licorice

Anyone ever been told not to eat Licorice during pregnancy because it could bring on pre-term labour? I've never been told that and only heard it yesterday. I ate a ton of Licorice in May and it ...

Saturday 08 July 03:05am
Ren Hen

Ren Hen replied to topic Guns?

Hi there. I don't have any boys but I wanted to say that you shouldn't worry about this! It is totally normal for boys to like toy guns... back in the old days it was normal for boys to be playin...

Thursday 06 July 10:29am
Ren Hen

Ren Hen started new topic How much pain is normal?

Hi I'm 27 and having my second baby girl on the 27th of August (due date). I've got a lot of lower and upper backache and SPD and I was wondering how much is normal? Or moreso... how painful is n...

Friday 26 May 07:05am
Ren Hen

Ren Hen replied to topic "Practical, unexciting Mother's Day gifts"

I'm sorry my hubby isn't a practical man. Well, he can be but he knows better than that HAHA I got a silver family ball locket for Mothers Day. It holds four photos. And a card! Shock horror! L...

Saturday 20 May 05:39am
Ren Hen

Ren Hen started new topic Due date August 27?

Post here! I thought I'd start this just for us mothers due on the 27th. I noticed there were a few of us.

Thursday 11 May 08:43am
Ren Hen

Ren Hen replied to topic pain when walking

It sounds like round ligament pain. It's normal

Saturday 06 May 04:49am
Ren Hen

Ren Hen replied to topic Round Ligament Pains?

Hey it sounds like you have SPD (symphysis pubis dysfunction) or at least some amount of pubic pain. It hurts to roll over, lift one leg when putting pants on especially standing putting pants on,...

Saturday 06 May 04:48am
Ren Hen

Ren Hen started new topic Anyone in Papakura?

Hi I'm a SAHM to one girl almost 2 and another girl due August 27. I don't drive so don't get out much. I spend way too much time on the internet talking to cyber friends LOL and really don't hav...

Friday 05 May 05:03am
Ren Hen

Ren Hen replied to topic Auckland coffee Group/Playgroup

Where abouts is it? I'm in Papakura and I don't drive. Thanks.

Friday 05 May 04:56am
Ren Hen

Ren Hen replied to topic wanting to make "mummy friends" (Sth Auckland)

We are in Papakura. I'm 27 also and have a 23 month old girl and another girl on the way (due August 27th). I don't drive so it's really hard for me to meet anyone though... but if you want to ...

Friday 05 May 04:54am
Ren Hen

Ren Hen replied to topic Papakura Maternity Care

Hi we are in Papakura too. My midwives are a team that you can see on Wednesdays at Clevedon Road Medical Centre as well as other days at different centres in Papakura and surrounding areas. I ju...

Friday 05 May 04:51am
Ren Hen

Ren Hen started new topic Have a girls name...

We find out the sex of our baby next week (Tuesday). We have a girls name - Sophia Charlize. But not a boys name... it's just so hard to find names we both agree on. UGH I like Ethan but my hus...

Thursday 23 March 01:25pm
Ren Hen

Ren Hen replied to topic Any suggestions for an urgent unique boys name!!!

Omri (pronounced "om-ree"). It's a bible name but the only time I have ever heard it is on a movie called "The Indian In The Cupboard". Sebastian? Andre? Reuben? just some suggestions... I hav...

Thursday 23 March 01:22pm
Ren Hen

Ren Hen started new topic Circumcised or not?

I don't want to start a debate... just wondering how many mums have had their sons circumcised and how many haven't. I wanted to start a poll but saw you cannot do that. (asking because I want to...

Thursday 23 March 01:14pm
Ren Hen

Ren Hen started new topic When you started toilet training...

When you started toilet training was your child talking? My daughter is 16 months old but only says "mama", "dada", "ta" and "oooh". Should I start toilet training? I think she knows when she ne...

Wednesday 28 September 05:37am
Ren Hen

Ren Hen replied to topic sterilizing bubs bottles

I have read so many different ages on the backs of formula containers, sterilising kits, in books. I have read you only need to sterilise bottles, teats, spoons, bowls, teething rings, dummys unti...

Thursday 14 October 03:06am
Ren Hen
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