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Mcbunny replied to topic not feeding from breast suddenly

Keep trying - it could be just because he has a blocked nose - the bottle is easier when this happens! Panadol and plenty of sleep are the best - good luck to you

Sunday 18 May 11:52am

Mcbunny replied to topic Weaning help PLEASE!

Another thing to try would be a sippy cup. My little girl wont take a bottle - believe me I have tried about 15 different kinds (thank you to those kind friends and relatives who have let me try th...

Sunday 18 May 11:47am

Mcbunny replied to topic teething

Every child develops at their own pace. My eldest got teeth at 4 months and my little one is just getting her first teeth now at 6 months - molars first - she is not a happy bubby! I have a frien...

Sunday 18 May 11:38am

Mcbunny replied to topic Why do I feel like noone understands Why I am terr

Look this is always an emotive issue - I spoke with my mother about it (wanted a home birth for my second child but sadly she was a footling breach in the 95th percentile - there was no way that ba...

Tuesday 22 January 12:47pm

Mcbunny replied to topic Nappy Sizes

As everyone else has said - don't go over board - my son only lasted 4 weeks and my daughter 2 weeks in them but I have big babies! My boy was 4.4 Kg and my girl was 4.9kg!

Tuesday 22 January 12:32pm


Hi there Just to let you know you are not the only one - I took until 8 weeks to get my son established feeding - and that was an utter nightmare - my mother - who lives over 800kms away from me c...

Tuesday 22 January 11:50am
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