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mandz82 started new topic 14 month old who poos in the bath!

Hi, My 14.5 month old always poos in the bath, it is driving me crazy. I have tried *giving her a bath a little later after dinner *before dinner *sitting her on the potty before hand. *Waiting ti...

Thursday 30 April 12:07pm

mandz82 replied to topic My 15 month old wont let me brush her teeth

What exactly does she do to stop you from brushing her teeth? My 14.5 month old didn't like it so I bought the babies tooth paste "colgate milk teeth" and i put a teeny-tiny amount on her brush an...

Wednesday 29 April 12:45pm

mandz82 replied to topic Still not sleeping through the night!!!!

Hi, My 14.5 month old DD has never slept through the night (only when she was a few months old before the teething started) and even now she will cry for her dummy or even to see me then she will g...

Wednesday 29 April 12:34pm

mandz82 replied to topic REFLUX BABIES - Introducing solids early did this help or not????

Hello Cath, My pead also suggested to start my DD on solids at 4 months, which i did, but i only gave it to her once a day about mid morning. To be honest with you, it didn't clear my DD's reflux s...

Thursday 22 January 05:29pm

mandz82 replied to topic hair cuts??

It's not to soon to take the trip to the hairdressers. My DD first went when she was 6 months then again at 10.5 months (for some reason her hair grew faster on the top then it did at the back) She...

Thursday 22 January 12:41pm

mandz82 replied to topic Order to introduce solids

Hi Mel I used the following link on the huggies web page to help me with what to feed when. cos i kept reading that you should give children green foods first as if they get a taste of the sweet f...

Tuesday 20 January 03:06pm

mandz82 started new topic drinking issues

Hi all, My DD who is 2.5 weeks off 1 year old (where has the year gone?) doesn't know how to use a sippy cup that has a valve and also can't drink from a straw. i give her water in the Sistema dink...

Tuesday 20 January 02:45pm

mandz82 replied to topic Talking!

Hi Bailey's mummy, my DD is 11 months in 2 days and has been saying mum mum, dad dad since she was 8.5 months then said nanna when she was 9.5 months. now she is saying ta, no and row row (will h...

Tuesday 06 January 02:48pm

mandz82 started new topic Water

Hi Melinda, When you use cooled boiled water for bottles i heard that it should only be stored for 24 hours. What i do is when i make up bottles at night i fill another one for water and keep in i...

Tuesday 06 January 02:32pm

mandz82 replied to topic Weight Loss 2009

I need to lose weight and tone up to. As I don't own any scales it's hard to say how much i need to lose but i have heard that you should measure yourself to not just weigh, so i will attempt to do...

Friday 02 January 08:43pm

mandz82 started new topic only 2 teeth

My daughter will be 1 in 5 weeks (and counting hehe) and she still only has her bottom 2 incisors. they cut through in October when she was 8 months. I am just wondering if any other children out t...

Friday 02 January 08:19pm

mandz82 started new topic 9.5 month old not sleeping through the night! HELP

Hi everyone, If I have to co-sleep one more night I just don't know what I'm going to do. This is her routine at night. At 7:30ish i give her her last bottle for the night then I read her a story o...

Wednesday 26 November 07:23am

mandz82 replied to topic Strawberry patch

Hi, my daughter has an haemangioma on her upper arm (the place where you get a needle) I first noticed it when she was a month or so old. She is nearly 10 months old and it has only gotten bigger, ...

Tuesday 25 November 07:19pm

mandz82 started new topic dvd for xmas for 10.5 month old (then)

Hi, I am trying to think of some ideas to put into my daughters Christmas stocking. She will be 10.5 months old at xmas and i was thinking if a dvd is a good idea or am i just encouraging her to b...

Saturday 22 November 08:00pm

mandz82 replied to topic Any ideas about wht games to play anf favors and prizes?

hi ashley, my sister threw my baby shower in jan (bubs was born in feb) so she got little breakfast,bbq, tea packs when they were cheap after xmas for the prizes but she made them into a lucky dip....

Tuesday 18 November 06:08pm

mandz82 replied to topic Time flies!

I was only thinking the same thing a few days ago. My little Isabelle will be one on the 7th Feb which is only 3 months away too. I just can't believe it, it has flown by but not in a blur. i still...

Tuesday 11 November 05:34pm

mandz82 replied to topic ur name, hobbies, and a bit about you

Hi there, it sounds like a good thread your starting so here is a bit about me: My name is Amanda i'm 26 years old i have a 9 month old girl named Isabelle I am engaged and have been for 2 years an...

Sunday 09 November 04:55pm

mandz82 replied to topic 9 month hates vacuum cleaner noise

hi thanks for all the advice. she was fine with it when she was a newborn it's just happened recently. I have tried putting her in the lounge room while i cleaned the bedrooms, but she still cried,...

Saturday 08 November 07:02pm

mandz82 started new topic when to stop short sheeting?

I have a 9 month DD and i was wondering when can you stop short sheeting the blankets in her cot? At the moment she ends up at the other end of the cot on her tummy and bangs her head on end of the...

Friday 07 November 06:15pm

mandz82 started new topic 9 month hates vacuum cleaner noise

I CAN'T VACUUM! my 9 month old will scream everytime i turn the vacuum cleaner on, and when i turn it off she then settles down. What can i do so i can vacuum again? (i have carpet and a husky (do...

Friday 07 November 06:12pm
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