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Carlie31 replied to topic Teaching the alphabet.

As a Kindergarten teacher I say don't worry about it. By all means do lots of reading to her, point things out and play games, but don't make it stressful for her. She will learn all of this at sch...

Wednesday 12 May 08:23pm

Carlie31 started new topic Toddler Tantrums

Help! My 2.5yo DS throws big tantrums. I can handle them at home but when we are at the shops he will lie on the floor of the shop and will refuse to get up until I pick him up. This is getting muc...

Wednesday 12 May 08:14pm

Carlie31 started new topic allergies!

My 10 month old came out in a rash after having dinner. The only food I can think of that may have caused this is tomato. Has anyone else encountered this problem?

Saturday 09 August 03:04pm
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