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In march daily telegraph it talked about flat head sydrome and how wearing a corrective helmet can treat it over a period of 6 months.. here the link to the article,22049,21319392-5006009,00.html Does anyone by any chance know where i can get it? I read that you can go to osteopath or Orthotist but i have no idea where it is...

MY son is just turned 3 months and his really really flat one theleft side it is impossible to get him to look the other way when his sleeping.. i've tried to make his head and position it the other way but he somehow manages to to back to the left and even if i put him to the wall he still doesnt want to look away.. I was thinking of getting the corrective helmet does anyone know where to get it?

name: Vivienne age: 20 bubs name: Alex bubs age: almost 3 months marital status: De facto location: livo transport: still havent got my licence Liverpool catholic club is very close to where live, but im trying to get my P's hopefully i have my licence by then

My boyfriend was trying to quit but didnt really quit till i had my baby but through out my pregnancy i only stay in my room because him his mum his dad all smoked in the house and i didnt want to breathe it in and even after his born they still smoked in the garage and the leaves the door open which frustrates me alot cos the midwive told me if you are to let a smoker hold your baby make sure they change their clothes..cos the baby can breath it in... they frustrates me so much last sat i moved back to my mums place.. if they cant be responsible i will have to [Edited on 11/09/2007]

I live near Liverpool in Sydney.. what about you?

i just turn 19 when i found out i was pregnant and i get the looks poor you it must be much more hardly on you.. like its not stressful enough worrying about your unborn and how they are progressing we still have to deal with all the thick headed nasty people that makes you so uncomfortable.. i couldnt be happier being a mum too.. but i felt like my mum was ashame of me because she didnt want any of my relatives to know and its like i have to hide and miss out on family gatherings.. to tell you the truth i had alot of stress throughout my pregnancy i was just glad it didnt affect my baby..

i'm not married too and i always hated to go antenatal clinic without my boyfriend.. sometimes i just wanna poke their eyes out.. lol... i love being a mum young but its hard cos non of y friends have kids and i dont think they will for a long time.. sometimes i feel like they cant relate..

Im 20 and have a 2 months old boy, and i get the looks especially when im not with my partner i feel so uncomfortable to go to the antenatal clinic without him.. they give us looks but at aleast we will still be alive to see our great-grand children..

my little boy was 3.26k at birth and 5.07kg at 2 months but only put on 0.02kg in the past week which is a concern if he doesnt put any weight on this week

Im 20 with a 2 months old boy.. do any of you get the looks from people cos of your age?