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I totally agree with you Hello Girlies! Naomi T here...... I could never live with the fact that a child can get hurt because of him. But my partner is thinks im just too paranoid and that he is fine. But you can never trust a dog they might seem ok one minute but what if a child puts his tail and he attacks? I will take him to RSPCA to get him to take the test to on the safe side. Do I have to book or just bring him in any shelter?

I cant do yoga, I tried that when I was in high school and totally hate it feels like i was gonna break my back

Im on the Celebrity Slim shakes pretty much same as the Tony Ferguson one. You're suppose mix it with water but I prefer it more with Milk with I think its not good cos than its too much carbs. Does any of those ab king pro or leg magic work?

To make matters worse my partner just gave him a really BAD hair cut. He looks like a sheep more then a dog

I found a site you can list your pet yourself but to register I need a email thats not hotmail, gmail, yahoo or any free email. Why is everything so hard?

I just email them and rspca but rspca seems like they only take injured or cruelly treated strays

I have a dog before I get pregnant, I dont know how to find him a good home. I went on the rspca site they have pets for adoption but you cant put your pet up for adoption. But now we just dont have time for him with the baby and all. and he is very aggressive toward children. He growls and tries to attack them. I dont know what would happen if he ever get into the house and find bub. is an accident waiting to happen. His very playful and good company for adult but when it comes to kid I think he sense they are vulnerable.. DOES ANYONE KNOW HOW TO FIND HOME FOR UNWANTED PETS?

Well I'm trying to lose the baby weight so I can have my second child. Wondering if any of those weight loss we all hear about actually works like excise dvd, machine like leg magic or ab kind pro, shake and diets, weight loss programs. For me personally I've tried or trying: -Gym: Went with my friend like 3 times and gave up -Carmen Electra's fit to strip: done it twice and give up. I think cos when your that big and trying to do something sexy is just make you feel worse. -Lemon Detox: Bought it but just waiting for week that im actually gonna have no plan for the whole week so I can start. -Celebrity Slim: Bought the start pack and had one this morning. it didnt taste too good. POST WHAT YOU TRIED WHAT WORKS OR WHAT DOESNT. I WILL POST HOW THE SHAKE AND DETOX WENT.

I put on like 22kg and lost 7 from birth and when I was breastfeeding I ate like a horse but was still losing weight but as soon as I stop cos I got sick and was on alot of medicine. My weight went up and im trying to lose the weight before I have my sec child I heard if you dont lose the first baby weight you are jus gonna keep going bigger.. I am trying Lemon detox and celebrity slim. they girl on the pack supposingly lost 53KG in 12 Week. thats like a LOT...

I bought an GOI GOI pillow they were invented in Sweden to prevent and help treat flat spot, my son look so comfortable well his only had it since Tuesday cant see the result yet but i think you should give it a try.