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I'm still where i started should i be happy that i didnt put any weight on or mad that i didnt lose any? lol. How is everyone going with their baby weight?

my partner said he'll go walking with me and bub after work when is a bit cooler outside but now all he does when he comes home is sleep on the floor it totally annoys me. But he does bricklaying so its a bit tiring, when his at work i look forward at him coming home and when he comes home he sleeps.

I havent had time to go squash yet my bub only just recovered from croup and had to stay in the hospital for 2 days and then i got sick cos i had to sleep on those sofa beds right under the air con. I totally run out of time to lose weight before my next baby. my son is already 8 months and im calculated if i fell pregnant now they are still going to be 17 months apart.

And not to mention they take 20% commission and you need to paid tax. I keep checking the Big W site they are so slow.

I was thinking of putting my son at Bettina or Bambini but its like $550a year. How much did she get? They still havent updated the catalogue i want to see it.

I was thinking about putting my 7 month old in modelling agency but its like $550 annually. it is even worth it? have anyone have their bub doing modelling?

I know eating healthy is the way to go but i just cant help myself. and lemon detox so dont work for me especially when you have a baby to look after cos you cant eat anything and so you need lots of rest but with bub i cannot rest and just got a bad headaches. my friend suggest we go play squash apparently is good to lose weight.Im so exhausted looking after bub when i have some spare time execrise is the last thing on my mind.

omg 2 months and you lost 19 kg, i put like 25kg on and I only lost like 7kg and half of that is bubs weight and its been almost 8 months im so hopeless.

Omg I had reall bad heart burnt and the worst part i didnt even know what it was i just thought i was sick or something then i got a bounty bag and there was these tablets for it and it really helped. and I had really bad morning sickness as well almost everything i brush my teeth i throw up which even worst the not brushing lol

OMG 19 kg how long did it take you to lose it?