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jmumma started new topic what is one thing you want to know about pain relief in labour?

Just wanted to see what others out there were really interested in/ are really interested in knowing about pain relief and their options in labour... THANKS!

Tuesday 03 June 11:35am

jmumma replied to topic How many of you........

Im the same- all own vegies, fruits, meat and jarred stuff for a treat or travelling!

Saturday 17 May 12:45pm

jmumma replied to topic activa jane highchairs???????

LOVE my Jane!!! They are just a great investment! I thought that the removable tray on top was great, but we really didn't end up using it for long as DD kept flipping it off!! Go for it I say!!!

Friday 16 May 01:12pm

jmumma replied to topic werribee hospital or royal womens????????

My sister had her first @ RWH- hated it! Had her second @ Weribee and was sooo thrilled with everything. Sounds like that is the way to go!!!

Wednesday 14 May 06:02pm

jmumma replied to topic nurses board public register

No it will say that you are endorsed as a Div2 with medications or something along those lines... It takes about 2 weeks to get put up on the web from when you sent in the paperwork..

Sunday 11 May 02:45pm

jmumma replied to topic Huggs nappies on special?

Do you have Pulse pharmacies in Tassie? They are on special for $30 a box... Hope that helps...

Sunday 11 May 02:43pm

jmumma started new topic Anyone get weaning headaches?

Hi ladies! Just a quick question to see if anyone has had headaches when they started weaning? And if so when did they start to settle down? I have had a constant headache for about 4 days now.....

Tuesday 06 May 11:52am

jmumma replied to topic Huggies Nappies On Sale?

Hi there Try your local Pulse pharmacy.. Just got two boxes for $30 each. There is a limit to 2 boxes per customer... Hope that helps!

Monday 05 May 01:01pm

jmumma replied to topic Worried about having another prem

Hi there! I didn't have my daugther prem, but reading your story makes me just want to give you a bug hug!!! Try not to stress too much! This will only make any little twinge and pain feel 100 tim...

Friday 02 May 01:51pm

jmumma replied to topic Child Care in Wantirna VIC

Hi there! Friends of mine send their kiddies to Lakewood Childcare (I think that is what it is called) off Burwood Hwy near the Lakewood estate.. Both of them swear by the staff and it is a family ...

Friday 18 April 07:54am

jmumma started new topic Daylight savings gives me the irrates...

Just a vent... DD wants to go to sleep an hour before she is meant to.. Then parties in her cot for 2 hours or so 'cos 'now I dont want to sleep' and then gets soo overtired!! Damn those people w...

Monday 07 April 04:25pm

jmumma replied to topic Serious question that only huggies mums can answer

I hope you don't get upset or offended- but I thought I would do a bit fo research for you on some other interesting names... There are some really nice ones in here... Hope this helps a bit! Ade...

Tuesday 18 March 10:07am

jmumma replied to topic Feeling Limited in the Recipe Department.

Have you tried creamed corn? That is pretty sweet and DD loves it so I use to a fair bit.. Otherwise maybe try making a cheesy sauce to go over the veggies (use a cream cheese that is fairly sweet...

Monday 17 March 09:14am

jmumma replied to topic Duck Home

Where are you Steph? There is a place in Melbourne that might be worthwhile ringing, they stock Living Textiles stuff....

Thursday 13 March 01:45pm

jmumma replied to topic Favourite Aussie Destination!

Favourite City- Melbourne by a long shot... Favourite Destination- POrt Douglas- or Doggers as we call it! LOOOOOOOVVVE it, so relaxing yet so much to do there!! (Might be a bit biased 'cos that i...

Thursday 06 March 01:59pm

jmumma replied to topic bras

There are sleeping bras.. Dont know how much support they would give you. But if you can sleep in them I gues you could wear them during the day!

Wednesday 05 March 02:35pm

jmumma replied to topic Kinderkot- any users out there?

HI all! Just thought i would update you and let you know we did buy one and they are FANTASTIC!! I had completely forgot I posted about this until I popped back into NEWBORN to see whats happenin...

Wednesday 05 March 08:03am

jmumma replied to topic Footy tipping sticky?

I just remeber where the post was... Does anyone else know?

Tuesday 04 March 03:33pm

jmumma replied to topic What do I say?

I would just say that you are so sorry for her loss, that you dont know what it feels like but can imagine how it must feel, that you are there to listen to her is she would like to talk, say that ...

Tuesday 04 March 03:32pm

jmumma started new topic Footy tipping sticky?

Hi all! Have lost track of the AFL footy tipping post.. IS there going to be a sticky, so we can see who got what each week??

Tuesday 04 March 03:26pm
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