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Elka replied to topic What Did He think when baby popped out??

LOL - good one. We haven't had our bub yet, but when my hubby was born, the first thing his mum said was 'he's ugly!!!' and started crying. No one has ever let her forget it.

Friday 06 July 09:37am

Elka replied to topic How to push?

I don't have any advice, I haven't gone through the birth yet, but not a very supportive doctor from the sounds of things. Isn't it the medical staff's job to advise you? I mean they see this eve...

Friday 06 July 09:26am

Elka replied to topic About This Forum

We lost a bub at 11wks and I'm now pregnant again, now at 24 weeks. It's true about being scared to celebrate with later pregnancies. We held off telling people much longer the second time around,...

Friday 06 July 09:22am
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